Wednesday, November 14, 2007

"Pushing Daisies," you have won my heart.

I'm no TV floozy. I don't just give my heart to any old TV show, flashing its big stars and high-cost production values at me. No, I need to be wooed. I need to feel a connection. And I need to be taken out to dinner by it at least three times.

"Pushing Daisies" has earned me love. It took me a few weeks. I was unsure at first, but now smitten-ness is now most definitely confirmed. (Just in time for the writer's strike!) I've been catching up recently via the old DVR, and I've decided the whole show is just plain charming. It's sweet and charming and so persistently unusual that I can't help but giggle with glee. I'm a sucker for anything and everything Barry Sonnenfeld does. I love the way his films look. I love the way they take creepiness and make it slightly adorable (see: all Addams Family movies). His work just tickles me.

The cast is wonderful, too. As Ned the Piemaker, who can bring the dead back to life for a minute at a time, Lee Pace is perfect. Tall and slim nerdily handsome(!), Pace plays his character with a mixture of aloofness, moral confusion, wide-eyed innocence and just a hint of meanness -- all the ingredients necessary for a character who can both give and take life with a single touch. British actress Anna Friel is charming, too, as "Chuck," Ned's childhood sweetheart whom he brought back to life but can never touch again without returning her to corpse-dom. (FYI, Anna Friel dates David Thewlis, Lupin in the "Harry Potter" movies. I did not know this!) Kristin Chenowith, who I loved as Annabeth on "The West Wing," makes me smile as Olive Snook, an employee of Ned's pie shop, whose unrequited love for him drives her crazy -- and into spontaneous song on one or two occasions.

Most of all, though, I love Chi McBride as Emerson Cod (boy, do I wish I'd thought of these wonderful names)! Cod is Ned's informal business partner -- a private eye who uses Ned to bring the deceased back to life to reveal who killed them so that Cod can collect reward money. McBride is deadpan awesomeness. Funny and disdainful. I want to hug him. And the episode where he got caught half-in and half-out of a window "just like Winnie the Pooh" cracked me up. I heart him deeply.

If you haven't already checked out "Pushing Daisies," or if, like me, you were a bit unsure at the beginning, please give it a try. It'll make you feel warm and happy and transport you to another world where sweetness always prevails.


Mickie Poe said...

Yep, I only watched one episode (Halloween one) and I knew right away I couldn't live if Pushing Daisies wouldn't marry me immediately. The show is like a pie! Fresh cherries and flaky crust apart are just fruit and bread, together, they're amazing.

Liz said...

I think I may actually love this show as much as pie -- which says a lot because, well, I really love pie. And how can you not love something that has a character named Olive Snook?

Corenn said...

I love that this week, Olive went undercover and named herself "Pimento!"

I love this show (and its predecessors Wonderfalls and Dead Like Me) with all of my geeky little heart!

Liz said...

Yes! It's little things like that that make it so good. I sense a DVD box set purchase in my future.

annie said...

eh to Berry Sonnenfeld and his wonderful cinematography. The "man behind" that I really give credit to is Bryan Fuller of Wonderfalls and Dead Like Me.

Extremely witty dialog and female leads with male names are hallmarks of his style.

Also, Lee Pace. <3