Monday, December 24, 2007

Wishing you all the best...

Here's hoping you're all recovering well from your Festivus celebrations. I just wanted to wish everyone a very merry Christmas, a happy post-Hanukkah, a festive Kwanzaa and for the athiests, an awesome Monday and Tuesday. And a heartfelt thank you to everyone who read The Park Bench this past year. It is truly appreciated.

I'll be posting a bit later in the week, but for now, I'll leave you with your choice of two holiday videos: first, a hopefully baked Carrie Fisher singing a song from the infamous Star Wars Holiday special while Harrison Ford looks on in agony and second, one of my personal holiday favorites, MST3K's A Patrick Swayze Christmas. (Unless you're a masochist -- which is a perfectly acceptable life choice -- then I'd go with Swayze. It's always safer with Swayze!) Happy holidays everyone!

Star Wars:

MST 3K's A Patrick Swayze Christmas:


42 said...

"This can be the Swayziest..."

Classic XD

So call me a masochist... but I have only heard of the apparently infamous Star Wars Holiday Special in recent weeks and was overcome by curiosity... surprisingly the girl on wookie action was quite the least disturbing element.. O_o

I've been reading for about 6 months; thanks for the news, laughs and randomness ;)


Liz said...

Trust me, I'm in the masochist club too when it comes to that holiday special. It burns the old retinas, doesn't it?

Thanks again for reading. Hope your day is the swayziest! :-)