Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Motley Miscellany of Something or Other

+ Hey, good news! For the first time in the history of forever, a show starring Nathan Fillion got renewed for a third season. Yep, "Castle" is coming back next year with a full 22-episode season. Finally, the rest of the world gets a clue. Way to go, formerly unobservant TV viewers!!!

+ And in a major victory for celluloid cheese, rumors of not just one but TWO sequels to "Independence Day" have hit the internet. Will Smith is rumored to be on board. My love/hate relationship with "ID4" is so strong I'm almost un-ironically excited about this rumor.

+ Hello, Kitty wine? Yes, please. In fact, I may have to build a wine cellar (or at least dig a shallow hole) for my impending collection.

+ It's time to start shopping for your future cyborg self! Check out all these incredible mechanical people parts that will soon become a reality. Thanks to Daven for the link!

+ Want to take a little trip back in time? Check out this video of "Lost"'s Michael Emerson in 1992 prison training video. And yes, he's creepy in it, bless his little heart. When you're done with that, take a few minutes to watch one of David Tennant's earliest (if not the earliest) roles in an anti-smoking film. It's hilarious, like a charming, lung-saving deleted scene from "Gregory's Girl."

+ In preparation for the new "Who" debut this weekend, here's a clip from episode six, and it's totally made me love this new Doctor. I'm not even on the fence anymore. I am over the fence and laying on the ground, no doubt with an ankle injury of some sort. Anyway, check out the hilarity:


Lissy said...

Sadly I don't like Castle that much. It's better than most crap on TV, but not good enough to watch on a regular basis. It's just average and this is the show that gets renewed.

Michele said...

I'm pleased for Nathan, and the whole of the Castle team. It's actually going to start airing over here soon - and I've talked my mum into watching it (I am SUCH an evil oppressor, *snickers*).

And have you seen the Castle promo??
*dies of the hawtness and pretty*

I'm avoiding the episode 6 clip - I don't want spoilers!

I'm surprised you didn't mention the Neil Gaiman/Doctor Who news:

Great meeting with Moffat & co. Spent 10 mins on how to rewrite the script for next series, 30 on fantasy casting. Ace new title sequence.

Which was followed by:
Plan right now is for it to be episode 3 of next season.

Nadia said...

That clip is just perfect!! The Doctor looks so happy and excited and funny!! I think season 5 is going to be fantastic!

Anna said...

Eleven Fears = allayed.

That clip made me laugh at loud, and it's been a long run in Nu-Who since that's happened!

Emily said...

I am firmly in the "I love Nathan Fillion" camp so therefore the news of another year of Castle makes me insanely giddy! Thank you for making my day.

Liz said...

Michele, thanks for reminding me about the Gaiman episode. I'm really looking forward to seeing how that turns out.

For the folks who watched the episode 6 clip, I'm glad you liked it too. I thought it was absolutely hilarious and yep, it totally seals the deal for me on Eleven.

Michelle said...

The Who clip does make me less afraid of the new Doctor and I'm all for more Castle.
As for Michael Emerson, have you seen this news?

Rachel said...

I begrudgingly admit that the Who clip was very good. I was seriously thinking they had killed Who with the "floating in space after a weird explosion to heavy pop music" trailer. This is quite a relief as I love Doctor Who! I have to say, though, that clip have Moffat's style all over it! Cheeky but creepy!

Sarah Eleanor said...

Not related to your post Liz-but can I just say that I am SO SO glad you are back! Honestly no words. Actually two words spring to mind: estatic and froody. Estatic is pretty much self explanatory-not sure where froody comes from though-I do sense in the depths of my being it is good-must remember to take more careful notes while hanging around space ports-but anyways WELCOME BACK!

Anonymous said...

The Michael Emerson link reminded me of when they originally ran that scene with Ben telling Jack what had happened since they landed on the Island -- and there was that whole schtick about the Red Sox winning the series. ("You almost had me there, Ben..." "No, seriously, they were behind three games, and..." "suuuuure they were.")

I'm a member of Red Sox Nation, and when I saw that during its original broadcast I giggled uncontrollably.