Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Contests galore: Run your own TV network and defeat two elderly people, all at the same time

Television Without Pity has launched a new contest that's like fantasy football for TV nerds. Called TV Big Shot, it gives you the chance to choose a fantasy TV schedule. Whoever's shows do best throughout the upcoming season will win $100,000. Monthly prizes like video iPods also will be given out. I'm excited about this because I already handicap TV seasons in my head, mostly so that I can mock shows produced by or starring people I don't like. I'm looking at you Geico cavemen. Go here to learn more.

Second, you may recall a post from a few weeks ago in which I asked you to vote for my good friend Stephen Levinson who was taking part in a Delta Airlines contest. Thanks in part to your votes, Stephen and his brother have made it to the finals where they're facing off against an elderly couple who have already traveled many miles in their lifetime and therefore do not deserve to win. (Just kidding, but they don't.) There's only one more day of voting left, so if you would like to watch their cool video on Dubai and cast your ballot, they might pull off a victory. And that would be a good thing because Stephen recently got engaged, and it would mean a free honeymoon for him and the future Mrs. Stephen. Here's how you can help:

- Go to delta.com/challenge.
- Register or log in (if you already have a password and forgot it, just re-register).
- Watch the 2 short videos.
- Vote for The Awesomest Brothers (you get 250 skymiles for voting).

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Anonymous said...

I went to that website and signed up, and it sucked! It's all virtual. I thought I'd be able to have my own REAL TV network. I guess my dreams aren't possible. :(