Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Things are looking good for new Star Trek movie...

With a surprise screening in Austin, Texas the other night and the world premiere in Sydney, Australia, the world -- or at least the worlds in Texas and Australia (so basically people who grill meat well) -- is all a-twitter over the upcoming "Star Trek" film. I have to say, I was excited about the movie before these early reviews came out, but now I'm positively giddy.

Cinema Blend says: "The new Star Trek movie is amazing -- easily the best Trek movie since The Wrath of Khan, and a veritable feast of sight and sound."

On Ain't It Cool News, someone called The Gastonian says:

I was genuinely involved from beginning to end. The dynamic between Kirk, Spock, McCoy and company was captured in spades. And that is what JJ Abrams does so well. He creates extremely complex and interesting characters set against an often fantastical backdrop. What's even more impressive is that he didn't create these characters. He took characters that had already been well established within Trek cannon and gave them a fresh perspective.

As for the acting - Kudos all around. But the standout for me was Zachary Quinto. This came as a surprise since I truly loathe his character Sylar on Heroes. I always thought he looked the part but I wasn't sure he could pull off walking the fine line between logic and emotion that Nimoy did so well. But he did, and I salute him.

Other random observations: Anton Yelchin's Chekov was hilarious. Eric Bana's Nero seemed genuinely pissed during the entire film (which I found particularly refreshing given that the last Star Trek villain was a pouty little bitch) Winona Ryder's Amanda Grayson was surprisingly moving given that she had such a small role. Simon Pegg, also hilarious.

Are you looking forward to the Star Trek reboot? Are you as afraid of Zachary Quinto's eyebrows as I am? Are you hoping that zombies will have followed Simon Pegg into space? Hoping Winona Ryder will steal a Tribble? The possibilities with this movie are limitless!


Anonymous said...

I love so much this site

Rolo said...

First Trek in ages I am actually looking forward to. Believe we may have a new rule of thumb developing. If Simon Pegg is in it, there is a good chance it will be a good movie.

Emily said...

Agreed. Anything with Simon Pegg = AWESOME! I was/am very nervous about Zachary aka Sylar Quinto. I really hate him on Heros. I hope I can get passed it. So many of my geek loves colliding in one happy little wrapper it's really so exciting.

crone51 said...

I am mildly excited about this, old Trekkie that I am. However, I find that I am not a huge JJ Abrams fan. I would like to be but I keep trying to care about any of the characters on Lost and failing miserably. I have the same problem with Fringe.

These are characters I have cared about most of my life so perhaps I will be more involved. I love the idea of a reboot. It is exactly what the franchise needs. I am not thrilled with the idea that it seems to be alternate universe time travel stuff. However, I will be there on opening day.