Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Bring your Slim Whitman album!

Ever wanted to spend 17 months in a Russian isolation tank? Of course you have. It's certainly better than being in that Big Brother house (that was a CBS reference, not an Orwellian one). Even better, you'd be doing it for the good of science. The European Space Agency is looking for six "astronauts" (who are astronauts in the same way that those horses who count with their hooves are mathematicians) to live in a confined space the size of nine truck containers with no contact with the outside world save for a crappy radio and a Justin Timberlake CD. The experiment will help scientists prepare for a future manned mission to Mars. Researchers want to see if living in a human Habitrail for years at a time will make people go insane. I'm guessing we already know the answer, but what's the fun if we don't try?

For their effort, test subjects will receive 120 euros a day, a cooler of Tang and a little gold bell they can push with their noses.

Read all about it here at Yahoo News.

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