Tuesday, June 26, 2007

A couple of things...

* Wil Wheaton was kind enough to respond to his election as Nerd Man of the Month for June. He gave a hearty "W00t" and added, "Thank you so much for the honor and the incredibly kind words. I'm in some very good company." The Park Bench has been lucky with the graciousness of its Nerdy honorees. Everyone's been a really good sport.

* Via Time Magazine's Nerd World blog, there's a new video out showing the first day of shooting on the upcoming Indiana Jones 4 movie. My Harrison Ford radar didn't spot the grizzled hottie on set, but there's a nice still shot of him in costume up at www.indianajones.com. And the short movie does have shots of Spielberg wearing his Foreign Legion hat and Lucas looking thoughtful. It's a good way to start the countdown to the next installment. I know I'm looking forward to it -- Indy hasn't failed me yet!

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