Sunday, June 10, 2007

Dating for the Single Girl Nerd: The Blind Date

Today, The Park Bench welcomes back frequent contributor Ms. C for another entry in the Dating for the Single Girl Nerd file.

The irony of Girl Nerds and Dating is that we don't. Much. Sure, we go out with friends who are men, and we go to parties where there are men, and we talk to the DJ about Tom Waits and he’s a man, but that Sex and the City stuff? No way. By the nature of our Girl Nerdness, we tend to view the dating scene as an escalator out of control. Fine for our Non-Girl Nerd Sisters whose sense of balance has been honed by years of club-hopping in stilettos and spangly tops but way too dangerous for us. What if our heel gets caught in the step?

All we Girl Nerds really want is a companion with whom to play video games, watch Alias DVDs, and share the last volume of League of Extraordinary Gentleman. But finding that nerdy match isn’t easy. Do we go to a snooty, high-priced bar? Put on a skirt and wait outside the seminary for drop outs? No. But you know what we should do? Let our friends set us up on blind dates. And here’s why: there are absolutely no preconceived notions to hurdle.

He hasn’t already seen you drooling chocolate ice cream down your front, and you haven’t already got a crush so bad you spit when you talk. And best of all, letting a friend set you up on a blind date allows you to avoid randomly meeting someone in a bar wih the inevitable regret of beer goggling and seeing a grown man dance to “My Humps.” In fact, the less you know about one another before hand, the better. You won’t be tempted to mistake his sensitivity for a big, red flag denoting life-long personal family issues. Best of all, if things don’t work out, you never have to see each other again. And if it turns out you do take a shine to one another, well, you never have to see that person again either because really, that escalator is terrifying and Mythbusters is on and your friend Dave is coming over soon…and we all know you’re just going to end up with Dave anyway. He’s bringing the Wii.


Amy Rose said...

That was amazing.

dr.gambit said...

absolutely AR....well said!!!....i'm in love w/ her.... that was fantastic...and thanks to bakerloo for referencing lucius malfoy a few entries back. in the end, i need to get out more (true sign of a nerd-boy).

Bert said...

Well ...I'm a mommy of 2 very young boys..I love this Blog!
Hope my input is welcome.

In response to the following post..I wish I knew that much about theater..I'm on the west coast of Canada..
Would love a taste of NY ..Chicago..Philly culture.
So I will live through your words...they are amazing.

Kirsten said...

Name-checking Tom Waits + truthfully describing the dating conundrum of the Single Girl Nerd = mad props.

Daniel Kong said...

Excellent point girl.
I would love to hang out with a nerdy girl than a fluffy bimbo... but such a closed society is hard to get in, huh...

So how do we make the bridges of nerdy cool guys and nerdy cool girls?