Wednesday, August 08, 2007

A.M. Update

* Apparently, a gigantic Lego man washed up on the shores of a Dutch beach recently. Which, you know, would seem weird to me but not so much for the people who found him. They just set him up in front of the local beach bar. There's a photo here of the giant Lego man before he eats the small children gamboling about at his giant Lego feet. [ABC News Australia]

* I can't figure out how to connect Wi-Fi in my house but scientists are now apparently strapping computers with tracking devices onto the backs of sea turtles, creating a wireless sea turtle network. The turtles stopped swimming about three days later and now just play World of Warcraft while sea otters circle them and laugh. [Scientific American]

* Via Boing Boing, here's a cool website called Making Sense of Marcel Duchamp, one of the fathers of Dadaism. If you're a fan of Duchamp's absurdity and cheeky nature or have never seen his work at all, check it out. There are gorgeous depictions and fascinating explanations of his art, all laid out chronologically so you can see his stylistic progression. [Understanding Duchamp]

* Oh, and some guy hit a home run last night. Apparently, he's hit a bunch of them, maybe around 756. I accidentally saw this live last night and all I felt was sad when he kinda blew his own kid off at home plate. Also, they forced poor Hank Aaron to make a nice video of how great he felt about Bonds breaking his record. You could barely see Bud Selig poking him in the back with a stick the whole time he spoke. Anyway, now the folks at ESPN have to find something new to talk about. Maybe we can start tracking A-Rod now. I might actually root for him. [Yahoo News]

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Anonymous said...

That's some funny stuff..

Yeah, I saw the Bonds home run too. And I also noticed how he blew off his kid. Seems weird to snub your own boy that you routinely pick up and hug at home plate while edging closer to the record? And then he nearly came to tears acknowledging his late Father Bobby? Oh well, back to A-Rod..

I like the Selig "stick poking" Aaron comment too. Hilarious!

I'll check out the Lego dude too..