Thursday, August 09, 2007

A.M. Update

* Every time I hear or see Seth Green, I think of the scene in Buffy when Oz tells Giles he thinks he should name the zombie cat "Patches." And then I laugh. I don't know why. That's just how it is. Anyway, if you'd like to listen to Seth Green and conjure up your own mental images, he did a nifty interview on NPR yesterday about Robot Chicken and various other projects, none of which, sadly, involve zombie cats named Patches. (And again I laugh.) [NPR]

* Speaking of interviews and speaking of people who know Seth Green, Joss Whedon did an interview this week with The Onion's AV Club in which he talks about a bunch of new projects including an Angel TV movie which led me to go, "Huh? What?" and then kind of jump up and down a little bit. I'm feeling like maybe I misunderstood though because it seems too good to be true. Let me know what you think. [The Onion AV Club]

* Speaking of people who don't know Seth Green, my husband is very excited over news of a World of Warcraft movie. I think he's secretly hoping that his blood elf Hoyt gets asked to participate, but I'm not sure that'll happen. I'm guessing though that there will be sword fights and lots of flying arrows, so it's all good. [Monsters and Critics]

* Speaking of things that have nothing to do with Seth Green at all, a new study came out yesterday saying that while we women prefer the muscled, tough, Rocky-esque gentlemen for our clubbing and concrete pouring needs, we prefer the gentler, less bulge-y gents for marriage and long-term co-habitation. I'm guessing the report was written by a lot of men who are gentler and less bulge-y and who maybe get picked on by the bigger, meaner sports fitness researchers down the hall. Just a guess. [Yahoo "News"]

* And finally, something that has only tangential relation to Seth Green and then only in terms of evolution, a monkey smuggled himself into LaGuardia Airport yesterday sitting quietly, smoking and reading In Flight magazine under some guy's hat. He was discovered when he asked for a moist towelette. Or something. All I know is, it's a cute monkey and I love the BBC caption for the article which states, "The monkey was said to have been well-behaved on the flight." Unlike some of those damn kids always kicking my chair, the reporter thought to himself, shaking his fist in unseen rage. [BBC News]


Steve B said...

I would like to state that I am not at all the least bit excited about the WoW movie since there has been few if any good movies spawned from video games. That is all. Thank you for your time.

Liz said...

But you would be excited if Hoyt was in it, right? I would be.