Monday, August 11, 2008

The cool, the sad (yet uplifting) and the cute

+ I saw this over at Geek In Anything But Pink and I'm pretty sure it's the coolest cell phone accessory ever. Screw Bluetooth. I need one of these handsets and the first thing I'm going to do when I get one? Dial 4-1-1 and ask for 1979, baby.

+ Check out this fascinating story about three comic book artists/writers including Stan Lee who are working together to tell the story of a Holocaust survivor who is trying to get her artwork back from a museum in Eastern Europe. On the one hand, it makes you think, "Wow, those museum curators are a bunch of prize-winning jackasses." On the other hand, you think, "Wow, those comic book dudes are really good guys." So it all balances out...except those curators really are assholes.

+ From io9, this mind-numbingly cute Chewbacca Mouse from Etsy is pretty much the most adorable thing my jaded geek eyes have seen in years.


Miss Grace said...

You just increased my comic-book love by a factor of 10. At least.

Liz said...

Miss Grace, I agree. I was really proud of those guys when I read that story.

sleepy mama said...

Why does the Chewbacca mouse have a hair comb thru his little furry belly?