Friday, December 12, 2008

Odds and Ends

+ So what do you think of these fancy Golden Globe nominations? There didn't seem to be any big surprises which is not at all shocking. It's made me very curious about the "Benjamin Button" movie although I continue to be creeped out by the enormity of Brad Pitt's head on that little, little body in the commercial. Kinda shaped like his own little Golden Globe award...perhaps there's a connection?

+ "The Day the Earth Stood Still" remake opens today. The Los Angeles Times liked it even if they did make me vomit just a bit when describing Keanu Reeves as "the greatest stone face since Buster Keaton." Those two names just shouldn't be in the same sentence together.

+ Maureen Ryan writes about "Fable," which is being turned into a series pilot for ABC next season. I've never read any of the "Fable" tales but the whole scenario sounds intriguing.

Despite those fantastical elements -- “Fables” features magic, witches, an army of wooden soldiers and the like -- the saga works, thanks to Willingham’s keen eye for detail, the momentum he builds up over time, the series’ terrific sense of humor, and the way that he grounds every story with realistic emotional stakes for the characters. The goal is not just to defeat the evil Empire, the goal is to find and keep love. There’s one wedding in “Fables” that brought a tear to my eye.

Given how skittish the networks are about ambitious storytelling -- heck, NBC just whacked a third of its primetime schedule in order to clear room for Jay Leno’s new talk show -- should ABC even attempt to bring “Fables” to life? Should it make the attempt despite the fact that NBC attempted a "Fables" adaptation a few years ago and failed?

+ And because it's Friday, I offer you this classic piece of American kitsch -- a monkey wearing a little hat and riding a dog:


agent57 said...

"the greatest stone face since Buster Keaton."

Though I too disagree with seeing those two names in the same sentence, I do kind of understand the statement. I'm not sure I've ever seen Keanu make an expression. I'm not sure it's a skill so much as a disability... but I guess there are a couple roles it works for.

I tried reading the Fables comic, but the weak mystery plot in the first arc put me off... I've been meaning to give it another try. I love that whole twisted-fairy-tale[s]-set-in-modern-times thing, though, so I have to say that if it does make it to the screen, I'll probably watch it. (If I'm not still too bitter with ABC in general by then.)

crone51 said...

The remake of "The Day The Earth Stood Still" has a 21%
" fresh" rating on Rotten Tomatoes. I think that is slightly worse that GWBush's approval rating. I think I will pass. I still haven't gotten over my childhood crush on Michael Rennie.

Anonymous said...

I'm just peeved that Jim Parsons didn't get a Golden Globe nomination for his portrayal of Sheldon on The Big Bang Theory.

Actors playing socially awkward theoretical physicists deserve their chance in the Hollywood spotlight too.

annie said...

*doubletake* that Fables?

As much as I love the comic, (despite being a few trades behind), it pisses me off that they're trying to adapt a new magical thing instead of seeing their current magical thing through (Pushing Daisies). Ironic that PD might finish up as a comic, isn't it?

My verification is a good curse word for this situation: sausorks!

Stone Girl said...

I like "Fables." I'm sure ABC will ruin it. But I hope it's a huge hit = increase the value of my comic books!

I refuse to see this abomination they are calling "The Day the Earth Stood Still."

Elimare said...

I'm a fan of Fables, although not sure how it would translate to TV. Love the Snow \ Bigby story.
But telly??