Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Odds and Ends

+ What better way to start the morning than with Robert Downey Jr. eye candy? New photos have been released from Guy Ritchie's upcoming Sherlock Holmes flick and well, I'd say female viewership will be very high:

+ The "Twilight" sequel has a release date already: November 2009. Just in time to exsanguinate some holiday poultry! Vampires love that.

+ I've never been a big Stargate fan, but I might have to tune in for the latest incarnation -- Stargate: Universe. Why? Because it's going to star the wonderful Robert Carlyle. Plus, the plot sounds kind of intriguing:

(The show) follows a group of soldiers, scientists and civilians left to fend for themselves when forced through a stargate after their hidden base comes under attack.


Sonya said...


I plan to be at the Sherlock Holmes midnight showing. I will be first in line.

only a movie said...

Robert Carlyle can be on your hot Brit list. Thank you for the RDJr eye candy... and *exsanguinate*?... excellent.

MC said...

I'm so glad Robert Downey Jr. bounced back after all the alcohol and drug abuse and I'm so amazed that he looks that good! Especially after age and the abuse! Good for him!

Liz said...

MC, I was thinking the same thing the other night when saw him in "Tropic Thunder." He's such a good actor. I'm so glad he got himself back on track. And yes indeed, he looks very, very good for a 43 year old who's seen a lot of wear and tear.

Only a movie, glad you liked "exsanguinate." I try to slip that into conversation whenever possible. :)

Sonya, I'll be second in line!

agent57 said...

I'm torn between my love of shirtless RDJ, and my further feeling that it (as well as the previously released photos [as well as my general impression of RDJ {aside from LOL DRUGS}]) just seems so un-Sherlock.

Though, okay, shirtless is winning here.

To be fair, I haven't read the stories in a while. Were there maybe bits I missed? Bits about mud wrestling?

SFG said...

Holmes is buff? Well, like you say, it'll bring the ladies in. But I have to say this seems like giving Rambo with a Ph.D. ;)