Monday, December 15, 2008

Top Ten Top Ten Lists of 2008

Top ten lists are spawning like drunken irresponsible fleas on the world's most enormous dog these days, aren't they? That's why I've compiled this handy rundown of the 10 most interesting top 10 lists I've spotted in recent weeks. And they are:

+ From MSNBC: Top Archaeology Finds of 2008

+ From Top 10 Overused Plot Devices

+ From Time's Nerd World: Top Ten Hubble Photos

+ From Spout: Top Ten Board Games We'd Like To See As Movies

+ From Stephen King's Brain: Top Ten Movies of 2008
Gotta love a man who includes "The Ruins" in his annual rundown.

+ From Cracked: Ten Most Devastating Insults of All Time

+ From Mental Floss: Top 10 (Okay, 12) Things You Might Not Know About 'A Christmas Story' (even if you've seen it 90 times)

+ From Wired: Top Ten Amazing Chemistry Videos

+ From TIME: Top 10 of Everything of 2008
Which totally seems like overkill but I include them because they are venerable.

Okay, that was only nine, but I've left a spot open so you can let me know if any good lists you've spotted -- or written -- recently. Sharing is always appreciated.

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