Thursday, November 12, 2009

Thursday Odds & Ends: "Dollhouse" demise, "Star Wars," Bradbury, "Wallace and Gromit" and "Hamlet"

+ As most of you have probably already heard, Joss Whedon's "Dollhouse" got axed yesterday by Fox. They'll still air the remainder of the episodes and word on the street is that the final stretch will be action-packed and amazing. My condolences to all the "Dollhouse" fans out there. On the bright side, at least this means Joss has more time to work on the "Dr. Horrible" sequel.

+ Want to cheer yourself up with some "Star Wars" tunes? Indulge in a new edition of "Star Wars Gangsta Rap" which actually manages to make Luke Skywalker a lot cooler than he was in the actual movies. Thanks for sending this, Emily!

ALL NEW! Star Wars Gangsta Rap: Chronicles

+ Did you know that you can buy "Wallace and Gromit" comics for your iPhone and iTouch? There are four new comics designed exclusively for download JUST FOR YOU! Or maybe the person behind you. It's difficult to tell.

+ The A.V. Club has their list of the "Best TV Series of the '00s," or "the aughts" as I prefer to call them. I agree with pretty much everything on the list, and am now thinking I'll have to check out "Venture Bros." someday soon.

+ Are you sitting at work bored right now? Say, why not draw a Tauntaun while you still have that "Star Wars" rap thrumming through your brain? "Mouse Guard" creator David Petersen shows you how with these step-by-step instructions.

+ Legendary author Ray Bradbury will help develop a new TV miniseries based on six of his short stories and tentatively called "The Bradbury Chronicles." Nifty!

+ And finally, in a news item all about Shakespeare and NOT AT ALL about David Tennant, here's a clip of an upcoming BBC film release of "Hamlet" starring Patrick Stewart and some guy.


Book Lady said...

I'm sorry but I had to go all geek girl and squee at David Tennant!

Michele said...

I'm impressed at how well they've recreated the 'stage' of The Courtyard Theatre on the set of the film version of Hamlet. And I'm giddy with glee at being able to see David's face more often (the seat I had meant his back was to me in that scene in the clip - and for many other scenes too).

wendy said...

Venture Brothers is definitely one of the best shows on TV right now. It's subtle and hilarious. Go Team Venture!

agent57 said...

I also recommend Venture Brothers... I haven't seen it all, but it's hilarious.

I'm looking forward to the Bradbury thing! Something Wicked This Way Comes is quite possibly my favorite book, and I'm just generally a big fan. I hope the series involves some of his October Country stuff.

JusticeRobin said...

You know, having a squee impulse at the same time as a drool impulse gets messy.

I so very much want to see that-- though I know Mr. Tennant will be the most terrifying Hamlet ever. Then again, I like a good scary Hamlet....

MK said...

Just stopped by to squee at Tennant :D

Addie said...

That "some guy" is some guy! Lovely, lovely man. Like Frankie and at least half of the people who subscribe to this blog, I want to ruffle his hair.