Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Wednesday Odds & Ends: Buffy meets Castle, NPH, Nabokov, the impending penguin takeover and Depp

+ For those of you who enjoyed the recent "Firefly" shout-out on "Castle," Nathan Fillion announced on Twitter yesterday that "Buffy" fans have something to look forward to on "Castle" as well. Hopefully Rick Castle doesn't start blinding characters in a tip o' the hat to Caleb.

+ Also in Twitter news, you can now follow Neil Patrick Harris, who, perhaps unsurprisingly, is pretty funny.

+ The Penguin Books website has a cool new interactive feature where you can see the note cards upon which Vladimir Nabokov wrote his last novel, "The Original of Laura," which was completed recently by Nabokov's son.

+ Speaking of penguins, scientists have discovered that these awesome water fowl are evolving at a rate two to six times faster than originally thought. You know what that means: penguin overlords by 2012. Sure, we'll all smell like herring but that's a small price to pay for perpetual formal wear, don't you think?

+ Here's a cute interview with Katee Sackhoff in which she talks about her new role in "24" and also her theory on what happened to Starbuck. She also shares an oddly disturbing but completely believable story about Edward James Olmos.

+ It's a big day for Johnny Depp. It's been announced that he'll be earning roughly $38 million to play Captain Jack Sparrow in a fourth "Pirates" film, making him the highest paid actor in Hollywood. And he's People Magazine's new "Sexiest Man Alive." To which I say, well, duh.


MD said...

I've got confirmation from people close to Castle that the Buffy surprise is (Spoilers!) the guy who played Riley will be on an ep of Castle. The air date of this episode with Riley has not been set yet.

agent57 said...

Occasionally I forget about the eye-gouging, and then it will suddenly come back to me. :( Mal, how could you!

Frisco Squid said...

I don't believe "Duh!" has ever been used so effectively nor eloquently.

The Modern Gal said...

Do you follow Barney on Twitter (@broslife)? After ActuallyNPH logged on, he tweeted 'Who's this clown, that's using my picture??' Funny.

Tenelilli said...

I surely do hope so Fillion doesn't go all Caleb on someone. That would be creepy, while Cstle as a character is the hero plus the comic relief.
Still am pretty syched about the buffy shoutout.

Cool that you remeinded me about NHP, knew that he was out there in Twitterworld already, but I didn't have time to follow him yet.
Also I hear that Adam Baldwin joined today
and I heard that Bonnie Wright (Ginny, HP) has now an account as well. Dunno whether you wrote about it or not. Just giddily and fan girly sharing :)