Wednesday, December 02, 2009

Wednesday Odds & Ends: King, Holmes, Greatest American Hero, typewriters and prodigies

+ Stephen King is mulling over ideas for a sequel to "The Shining," which would follow creepy Big Wheel-riding kid Danny Torrence as an adult. I get chills just thinking about that damn movie.

+ Back in my day, when projectors were powered by steam and popcorn cost half a penny, we didn't like having our seats shaken during movies. Now, though, ten theaters across the U.S. will be equipped with special motion seats that will jostle you around during bits of the new "Sherlock Holmes" movie. Hmm, vibrating seats and a Robert Downey Jr. movie...I can see a certain audience appeal for this.

+ If you're of a certain age -- say, mine, for example -- you quite possibly have fond memories of a TV show called "The Greatest American Hero," which is now available on Hulu. Now, you can relive the glory -- or be sadly disappointed that it doesn't live up to your memories. Either way, it'll kill 45-minutes of your work day.

+ Brilliant writer Mindy Kaling, aka Kelly on "The Office," is teaming up with fellow "Office" writer Brent Forrester to pen a script for a new film called "The Low Self Esteem of Lizzie Gillespie." The movie follows the story of a woman whose low self esteem has her thinking she can only date losers.

+ In sad Luddite news, Cormac McCarthy's 50 year old typewriter finally gave up the ghost, no doubt yielding to depression after logging an estimated five million words for the cheery author. McCarthy is auctioning the typewriter, which is estimated to sell for $15,000 to $20,000. It's okay though - McCarthy's purchased a new typewriter for $11 so he's going to break even.

+ Were you a brilliant child? There's hope for you yet! Check out this list of "Nine Child Prodigies (Who Actually Ended Up Doing Something)." If only I was nine years old and a genius, that story would totally make me feel better. Maybe if I pretended to be nine years old....well, I suppose my husband would go to prison. Okay, scrap that.

So how's your day going? Read any good books lately?


Michele said...

Um, why? Why would you want vibrating seats during a Sherlock Holmes movie? I can understand having them during an apocalyptic movie, but during SH? Not so much...

*is baffled*

If only I was nine years old and a genius, that story would totally make me feel better. Maybe if I pretended to be nine years old....well, I suppose my husband would go to prison. Okay, scrap that.

I am SO glad I'd put down my cup of tea before reading that!! o_O

Good books - yes! Philip Reeve's steampunk-ish 'Mortal Engines' series (including the prequel 'Fever Crumb') - it's actually aimed at Young Adults, but it's darkly gritty, realistic, has touches of romance, and is a well-realised far, far future version of our world. I was pretty much enthralled by the five books - and can hardly wait for the new one to come out next April.

In the meantime, I'm reading 'Hedda Gabler' (as you do!)

francesca said...

Now, you can relive the glory -- or be sadly disappointed that it doesn't live up to your memories...

...or, like me, sing the theme song incessantly and have your kids look at you like you should go lie down.

love your blog!

Liz said...

Michele, I'm baffled by the vibrating seats as well. You're absolutely right that it would fit better with "2012" or something along those lines, but Holmes just seems weird.

The Philip Reeves book sounds good. I'll have to check and see if my library has it. I'm deep in Wodehouse right now, but I'm planning my next read now. Can't stand being left bookless!

Francesca, there's no shame in singing that theme song endlessly. I'm convinced it's the best theme song of all time. Your kids will realize that one day. :)

Michele said...

Yes - 2012 or Independence Day or anything of that ilk...

The Philip Reeves series is well worth checking out.

(As for being bookless, I've actually got three books on the go - besides 'Hedda Gabler', I'm reading a graphic novel collection of Tenth Doctor comic strips from 'Doctor Who Magazine' and 'About Time volume 4' - which is a serial-by-serial guide to the Fourth Doctor's season.)

Sareberry said...

What am I doing today? I was moping around like eeyore until I read this post. You know, to this day, I break out singing "Believe it or not! I'm walkin' on air!..." every once in a while. Unfortunately, this is more likely to happen in a crowd of grouchy people on an escalator than in the shower. A setting which greatly increases the chance of injury and/or involuntary commitment. And Mindy Kaling is writing a movie about me? Based on the write up I'm going to cross my fingers really, really hard that it turns out sort of Stranger than Fiction and some incredibly hot man is going to come beating down my door any minute. That could happen, right?

Sareberry said...

PS - I was one of those that got motion sick just watching Blair Witch Project. Vibrating seats? Worst Idea Ever!

The Modern Gal said...

The Shining may be one of the most legit scary movies I've ever seen. They just don't make them like they used to.

Also, speaking of Cormac McCarthy, my fellow Tennesseans and I are pissed that The Road is not showing here. The man lived in my city for years and for pete's sake, Suttree was set in my city. Throw us a freakin' bone!

Sarah said...

I LOVED The Greatest American Hero. I have the theme song on my iPod.

Are we talking about the Nicholson version of The Shining? Because the one that came out a few years back (with Steven Weber and Rebecca DeMornay) was way better, in my opinion. Less hammy and closer to the book.

Just heard SK has ideas for a new Dark Tower book, but won't even start writing it for another 8 months. What a tease.

And while I'm on the subject, that's what I'm reading. Stephen King. His new one, Under the Dome. I had to wait almost a month to get it from the library, and I have three weeks to work my way through 1071 pages. The thing weighs about ten pounds too, so I can't take it in the bathtub. :(

SarahEleanor said...

You seem to like Brit. Lit. Have you ever read George MacDonald's faire tales? They are just lovely.

Also I just finished reading "The Magnificent Obession" by Lloyd C. Douglas and it was very satisfying as well.

And although this was mentioned in a prior blog, I also thought "The Gun Seller" was fantastic. And I am bothered that I don't know how to underline these book titles because as an English Teacher I know that only short stories and poems titles should go in quotations, so please forgive me, just this once.

Michele said...

SarahEleanor - you use <*u>Title<*/u> without the asterisks to get an underline. (Over here we tend to italicise - which can be done by swapping the Us for Is...)

Liz said...

Thanks for the book recommendations, everybody! Can't wait to check them out.