Thursday, July 17, 2008

Emmy Awards, Duchovny and more, oh my.

+ So, those Emmy nominations I’ve heard so much about came out this morning. While I was shocked to see that "The Sopranos" was not given some sort of posthumous TV show honor just out of habit, there weren’t too many surprises.

Nominations I was glad about...Neil Patrick Harris earning Nerd Man honors and an Emmy nomination for best supporting actor all in one week! I know, right? How crazy is that? And let’s give a Barney-style high-five to Carrie Fisher for snagging a guest actor nod for her hilarious turn as Liz Lemon’s completely fucked up role model and hero on “30 Rock.” And speaking of “30 Rock,” how cool is it that they earned the most nominations of any show this year? So cool that I’m renewing Liz Lemon's contract as my own completely fucked up and fictional role model for another 12 months.

Nice to see 12 nominations worth of love for “Pushing Daisies,” too. Lee Pace and Kristin Chenowith totally deserve it as does any show about pie and retired synchronized swimmers. “Mad Men”’s 16 nominations means I’m going to have to actually make time to watch it now. Oh, and woo hoo for “Flight of the Conchords.”

Also, I hope that if Michael Emerson wins for “Lost,” he just gets up on stage and silently gives that creepy stare. And then everyone in the audience starts to cry. Trust me, it would make a great clip on “Access Hollywood.”

Things I wasn’t so happy about...Tony Shalhoub again? Really? Would you like a little more time to think about this, Emmy voters? Can you see me furrowing my brow and wagging my finger at you? Just cut it out already. Don’t make him the new James Gandolfini.

Same with “House” getting a best drama nod. Now, I love “House.” It’s a good show, but it wasn’t at its best last year. There are plenty of other dramas that deserved that spot more. Say, “The Wire” or perhaps a certain show about murderous robots and Edward James Olmos’ ability to glare compellingly?

Yes, I’m talking about “Battlestar Galactica.” WTF, Emmy voters, just give the show some love already, okay? Sure, sure, it got a best writing nomination for the episode “Six of One” and the usual assortment of technical awards, but that’s it? No acting awards? I’m sensing some bias here – it’s because 90 percent of the cast is Canadian or British, isn’t it? It’s an ugly prejudice against extended vowel pronunciation. Totally unfair.

But enough about me. What did you think?

+ In other news, if you haven't been reading David Duchovny's blog promoting the new "I Want to Believe" movie, you've got to check it out. It's pretty damn funny.

+ And don't forget that Act II of Dr. Horrible's Sing-A-Long Blog is up. It's just as good as Act I and Nathan does more flexing.


Tara said...

:( John Krasinski got robbed. So sad.

Mintychip said...

Alright, did you see the last two episodes of this season of House? That was some AMAZING television.

But I do agree that there is some serious discrimination against the british and the canadian with Battlestar. There should be some emmy noms for sure.

how awesome is it that Neil Patrick harris got nominated. I hope he wins, that will be great acceptance speech.

Stephanie said...

Thank you, thank you, thank you. What the hell were they thinking? No acting or best drama noms for BG? It is by far the best drama on TV. And this is coming from a fan of Lost, Heroes, 30 Rock, Dexter, etc. The Emmys have always been biased against sci-fi shows. Remember the ignoring of Buffy all those years?

Liz said...

Mintychip, I agree totally that the last couple episodes of House were great but overall, I thought the season sort of meandered, like they weren't quite sure what they wanted to do. I still enjoy the show very much and love Hugh Laurie and Robert Sean Leonard, especially. I just think that overall there were other shows that were more consistently strong over the past year. *cough*BSG*cough* :)

Camera Obscura said...

I was quite pleased for Cranford and Dame Judi. And had rather wished for a Best Supporting Actor nom for Phil Glenister. *fangrrl has a bit of a crush, I'm afraid* But I rather expect John Adams to wipe the board in the Miniseries / TV Movie category.

But aye, I'm v. up with the nom for NPH, and disgusted at the lack of love for BSG. At least the show and its actors got nods on t'other side of the Pond...

SFG said...

The Emmys have always been biased against sci-fi shows. Remember the ignoring of Buffy all those years?

Shoot, I'm old enough to remember when X-Files got snubbed.