Thursday, July 03, 2008

News of the Mid-Morning - July 3

+ Recession. Wildfires. A decade-long campaign for president. Of all the terrible things facing America these days, this bit of news seems worst of all: we're going to have to wait another few weeks for the Brangelina twins. How much more must our nation endure??

+ Remember how all I ever talk about is "Battlestar Galactica?" (I know, it's terrible. Just imagine what it's like to live with me.) Anyway, just for fun, let's replace that mania with "Dr. Horrible" for a while and check out the official debut of Captain Hammer, Dr. Horrible's nemesisisisis, in this new Dark Horse comic.

+ Can I just tell you how much I love the random photos that Google News runs with its teasers? This, for example:

The court case will apparently be judged by the feline cast of "Pirates of Penzance."

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