Thursday, July 31, 2008

Looking back at the one year anniversary of "Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows"

All about the Harry and the Potter from guest blogger Meghann. Enjoy!

We recently passed the one year anniversary of the release of HP and the Deathly Hallows and I thought it might be fun to look back at my predictions on the eve of the release and see how those worked out for me. (please note: some strong language in that post) Nerd glasses on, everyone. Oh and if you are one of the five people who have not yet read Book 7 a few times yet, major spoiler alert.

Prediction 1: Hogwarts will re-open.
Outcome: CORRECT! Somehow Hogwarts was a question mark back in the early days of 2007.

Prediction 2: Snape will die.
Outcome: CORRECT! Man, I was smart last year. What I didn’t see coming was what a sympathic antihero Snape would become (more on that below). He was always one of my favorite characters, but with his role in Book 7, he clinched the number two slot right behind Sirius.

Prediction 3: Ron will die.
Outcome: INCORRECT! Thank God! I mean, Ron went away for a large swath of time in the middle of the book (the dreaded “tent” sequence) but thankfully, he didn’t die.

Prediction 4: That wedding is going to be a bloodbath.
Outcome: INCORRECT! Luckily, the guests were warned in enough time to scatter. And thus starts our adventure with the trio.

Prediction 5: Neville will kick some Bellatrix ass.
Outcome: INCORRECT! I mean, Neville was awesome and totally kicked Nagini’s ass as well as showed the Carrows who was boss, but Bellatrix got to have a battle royale with none other than Mrs. Weasley. And it was awesome!

Prediction 6: Snape will sacrifice himself in some way so that Harry can defeat Voldy.
Outcome: CORRECT! I mean, he didn’t go all that willingly, but he went and at the last moment gave Harry the final piece of information he needed to get rid of Voldemort for now and for always. Oh, and he melted our cold, cold hearts in the process.

Prediction 7: Nagini will put up a fight.
Outcome: HALF AND HALF! Nagini definitely put up a fight in the old lady house scene (gross) but in the final moment of her life, there was no fight. Harry told Neville to kill the snake and that’s exactly what Neville did, and with pizzazz!

Prediction 8: The house elves will be important.
Outcome: CORRECT! And how! For all of my hatred of Dobby, he truly saved the day by taking that silver knife to the chest and gave us one of the most upsetting and touching moments of the series, when Harry digs his grave.

Prediction 9: Lily Potter worked in the Love room in the Dept. of Mysteries.
Outcome: WHO KNOWS!? I was hoping we would learn a bit more about Lily, but alas.

Prediction 10: The last Horcrux is something we've never seen.
Outcome: INCORRECT! As many guessed, it was Harry. Well, technically he was the last. I guess if you are going with the planned Horcruxes, the diadem is the last one but we actually did see that before – in Book 6 when Harry hides his Advanced Potions book in the Room of Requirement. They had better make sure that is in the movie or I am going to be very angry.

Prediction 11: In the end, Harry will wake up in bed with Suzanne Pleshette.
Outcome: INCORRECT! Sadly.


The Modern Gal said...

Unfortunately, the Suzanne Pleshette reference would have been lost on about half of Harry's readership. But it would have been AWESOME.

It's amazing how much detail of Deathly Hallows that I've forgotten. I pretty much remember the battle and everything after that.

Jen said...

I caught Order of the Phoenix on HBO a few weeks ago and promptly re-read Half Blood Prince & Deathly Hallows... It was like visiting old friends.