Friday, September 18, 2009

Friday Odds & Ends: Nathan, The Cabin in the Woods, Dollhouse, Flash Forward and The Plan

I'm back from my sojourn in the wilds of upper Michigan where I saw giant hawks and Mike Rowe from Discovery's "Dirty Jobs." Seriously, Mike Rowe! My husband and I were sitting in a bar in the middle of nowhere and all of a sudden Mike Rowe walks by...and minutes later, the bar was crowded with townies getting photos and we never got to meet him. But hey, we saw Mike Rowe ten feet away from us...and giant hawks who were a lot more than ten feet away. Also, I did a lot of biking and my calves hurt but that's neither here nor there. Anyway, I missed you all and hope you've had a good week. Now on with the news...

+ USA Today's Pop Candy column is accepting questions for a certain Mr. Nathan Fillion until 4 p.m. EST today so if you've ever wanted to ask Nathan if he enjoys getting caught in the rain and taking long walks on the beach, now's your chance!

+ Cinema Blend has an interesting script review of Joss Whedon's upcoming horror film "The Cabin In The Woods." The reviewer says its non-spoilery and I would agree but there's kind of a big plot point that gets explained that I sort of wish I didn't know. So if you want to go into this flick as pure as the driven snow, then perhaps it's best to skip it. Otherwise, go for it!

+ And speaking of the wonderful world of Whedon, the Joss-man himself revealed nine secrets about the upcoming season of "Dollhouse" which starts a week from tonight on FOX.

+ I know you're probably counting the days until that new "Tron: Legacy" movie opens but it looks like we're all going to have to wait a while longer. It'll be opening in both IMAX and on regular dowdy old-fashioned screens on Dec. 17, 2010.

+ Want to watch the first 18 minutes of ABC's new series, "Flash Forward?" Sure you do! It has John Cho and Joseph Fiennes...and some sort of intriguing plot but mostly it has John Cho and Joseph Fiennes.

+ This bit of news came out while I was gone but it bears repeating: SyFy will not be airing the "Battlestar Galactica" prequel film, "The Plan," as scheduled this fall. Instead, it will still release the DVD on Oct. 27 and then will televise it sometime in 2010. Weenies.

+ Have you ever wanted to smell like a wet, slimy fictional horror creature born from the mind of H.P. Lovecraft? Well, now you can! For the low, low price of $15 (for a sample) and $25 for 10 ml, you can buy Eau de Cthulhu perfume from the good people of Black Phoenix Alchemy Labs. Sometimes the world is a pretty cool place, isn't it?

+ And most importantly, did anyone else watch the "Bones" premiere last night? What did you think? I liked it. I don't think it made up for the craptacularness of the finale, but I enjoyed it. How could I not? It had Cyndi Lauper! And how was "Fringe?" I had to DVR it since I'm still catching up on the end of last season, but was it good?


Emily said...

So many things in this post that I love. First of all I cannot wait to read that interview with Nathan Fillion. I adore him in a way that can't possibly be healthy.

I just discovered Bones this Summer when it started running on TNT. I am now obsessed. I really liked last nights episode. I didn't hate the finale like you did but it sure didn't feel like the same show, which was perhaps part of the point? No idea. Anyway I'm thrilled to pieces that it's back and I'm not sure how I'll wait another week for a new episode.

Fringe is also waiting patiently for me on my DVR. Looking forward to seeing it.

Anonymous said...

Did you known that Nathan and two other cast members of Firefly/Serenity did the voices of Marines in the new HALO:ODST game?

Extremely cool trailer alert (and hoping that this message doesn't get banned because I included a link):

Shan said...

Bones did do quite a bit to wash away the aftertaste of that horribly convoluted finale. But if they're going to keep cheating that "will they/won't they" line, best to just ignore it altogether and coast on the chemistry.

And Fringe was really, really good. Love that show. (it, and Supernatural, are the highlights of an awfully crowded Thursday night lineup).

Anonymous said...


If you want to check out some pretty cool features of FlashForward this is pretty cool:

Also join the facebook fan page to hear the latest about the cast:

AND watch the first 18 minutes here:

Hope you like it!!

Anonymous said...

Liked, not loved last night's Bones. As much as I "get" the closer last season, I didn't like it, but after seeing this season premiere I do kind of appreciate the plot points it introduced.

kps said...

Fringe was a great episode! Lots of fun parts with Walter, poor Olivia can't cut a break, saw the Charlie twist coming but still think it's a great idea and WOW! Peter is a SCARY guy when he's pissed!!
And why o why would anybody schedule Fringe and Supernatural against each other????

Tracy said...

I loved Olivia's "entrance" last night ... that was cool. I thought the Charlie twist was telegraphed a bit even though they tried to misdirect your sense of what happened in the basement up to the end. And maybe I am the only one to think this ... but why is it that "Junior" FBI Agent Astrid gets only slightly more usage than the cow?

I preferred Bones in its early (1-2) seasons. Better writing, IMO, back then. I didn't hate last season's finale as much as some, though. I really enjoyed Cyndi Lauper ... I would mind seeing that character recur.

Cara King said...

I saw an advanced screening of Flashforward Monday night...and now I don't know if I really loved it because they gave me free popcorn & drink & swank seating, or because it was really good! Guess I'll see when it premieres. ;-)

Oh, and much of the cast was there (though not Joseph Fiennes, to my regret!)


Anonymous said...

Oh, Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab has all SORTS of geek-tastic perfume oil lines -- the Cthulu is part of their entire Lovecraft collection.

They also have SIX Neil Gaiman collections (one for each of his more recent works - no SANDMAN right now), one for ALICE IN WONDERLAND, a Shakesperean collection, a HELLBOY collection, a Poe collection, a Steampunk collection, a fairytale collection...and tucked amid some of their other regular lines you can also find little nods to William Gibson and even Captain Jack Sparrow.

Their direct web site is here.

Jen said...

Both Bones & Fringe did a great job "reintroducing" themselves, if you will. Whether it was Hodgins listing his degrees or Peter telling the new agent about the lab, neither were insulting (in my opinion) to fans of the shows.

agent57 said...

thewonderingswordsman - Thanks for the Halo trailer. It looks sweet! I probably shouldn't have watched it, as I totally don't have a 360.

It would be hard for me to play that game and not think of the main character as Mal. They totally based the face off of Nathan, too. That's really weird.

I love that the Firefly cast follows each other everywhere.

Anonymous said...


I don't own a 360 either and my Xbox is kaput, but the trailer was too sweet not share.