Friday, September 18, 2009

Guest blog post: A look at the "True Blood" finale

You know what this blog is sadly lacking? Talk of "True Blood." It's a giant, gaping gap in the geek coverage. Why? Because yours truly has no coin for premium cable so I miss out on all the good stuff. Happily, though, The Park Bench has got friends...and those friends write great stuff about "True Blood." Yup, this afternoon, Ian of TV Lowdown, has dual-blogged for his site and The Park Bench, offering up a scintillating recap and review of the much talked-about "True Blood" finale, which aired this past Sunday. So if you haven't seen it...spoilers ahoy! And if you have seen it, please enjoy and feel free to comment with your thoughts on the show.

And so another season of True Blood draws to a close amidst yet more Yahtzee, people being gored by bulls, murdered truckers and the ritual licking of ostrich eggs. Just another day in Bon Temps.


Previously on True Blood… Jessica snacked on Zombie-Maxine who later told Hoyt the truth about his suicidal father, Sam tried to promote interspecies solidarity by asking Eric for help with Maryann, Eric flew, Sookie and Bill worked their mojo to de-zombify Tara who promptly ran off to save Eggs, Sookie worked yet further mojo on Maryann, Lafayette inadvertently killed Carl and became Maryann’s latest cabana boy, Bill get the lowdown on how to deal with Maenads from Sophie-Anne, and… well, a whole lot more happened. This “Previously” section is two minutes long, which goes some way to showing how awesomely layered this show has become.

Skipping ahead to the start of the episode and we find Sookie exercising her lungs once more with a good old-fashioned horror movie scream as she realises Lafayette isn’t going to be backing her up any time soon. He gives the order for the giant egg to be delivered to Maryann before making Sookie change into a white dress and hauling her downstairs into the Bridal Suite o’ The Damned where Maryann, apparently wearing Gran’s wedding dress, is being attended to by her bridesmaids. Maryann gleefully declares that Sookie will be her maid of honour, and we cut to the opening titles whilst wondering; what wedding gift do you give to the immortal demon-god-summoning sociopath who has it all?

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TLH said...

I don't get HBO either, but that's not stopping me! True Blood is worth the endless search each Monday for one of the million online TV sites to host it!

jenny said...

Good and you both are very well helping each other... and true blood can be molted this way in...