Thursday, September 10, 2009

Thursday Odds & Ends: Michael Hogan, Of Mice and Men, awesome names and Queen Victoria's underpants

+ Wondering what to watch when the new fall TV season kicks off next week? Sci-Fi Wire has corralled trailers for all the new and returning sci-fi shows and collected them in one handy place! Thanks, Sci-Fi Wire. I'll hold off on making fun of SyFy all day today in gratitude.

+ Get your DVRs primed and ready. Next Tuesday, Michael Hogan guest stars as Myka's dad on "Warehouse 13." Here's a clip, showcasing the kind of the awesome eyeball acting we loved on "Battlestar" but this time with BOTH eyes! Crazy!

+ Here's one of the many reasons I don't ever want to be queen -- someday, someone's going to unpack your old underpants and let everyone take pictures of them. A pair of Queen Victoria's bloomers as well as a matching chemise have been added to the Kensington Palace Royal Ceremonial Dress Collection, following a quick spin out of the box for photographers as evidenced below:

+ Speaking of underpants, David Tennant will be starring in BBC Radio 4's upcoming dramatization of "Of Mice and Men," playing George. It's scheduled to air sometime early next year.

+ The short list for the Man Booker Prize for Fiction was announced on Tuesday. The six nominees include JM Coetzee, A.S. Byatt who seems to get nominated for this thing every 15 minutes or so, Adam Foulds, Sarah Waters, Simon Mawer and the odds-makers' favorite Hilary Mantel for her book "Wolf Hall," an historical novel about Thomas Cromwell. The winner will be announced on October 6.

+ Check out this Wired article on a blog that "remixes" famous comic book covers. Pretty!

+ And finally, via PopCandy, a Norwegian bus driver has changed his name to Julius Andreas Gimli Arn MacGyver Chewbacka Highlander Elessar-Jankova. Julius, the only non-pop culture reference in there, is apparently in honor of a local monkey...which, let's face it, makes it art.


Tracy said...

I am wondering if Tennant and the others will affect American accents for Of Mice and Men.

Another interesting bit about the radio play ... the adaptation will be written by Donna Franceschild. She was the writer of Takin' Over The Asylum!

crone51 said...

"speaking of underpants, David Tennant"

coffee out of my nose, all over the keyboard, monitor, desk.....

But wow, those are some major bloomers, eh?

Liz said...

Tracy, I was wondering the same thing. Unless the adaptation relocates the story, I'd imagine they'd have to. Which is an intriguing idea...

Crone, glad you liked the underpants transition. I kinda giggled with that myself. And yeah, those are some huge bloomers! Either that or a very, very small person holding them up. For the queen's sake, I'm hoping it's the latter.

Tracy said...

Cannot believe I missed your underpants transition, Liz!

Poor Vickie ... yet one more reason why I don't want to be famous. People gawking at your undies ... how undignified.

A couple of those pictures made me think of that moment in Sixteen Candles when Anthony Michael Hall displays Molly Ringwald's panties to a crowd in the boys bathroom!

Anonymous said...

Actually, the bloomers were generally held on by drawstrings, so those could have belonged to the younger (and rather svelte) Victoria.

Georgia Guzman said...

I cannot WAIT for dollhouse, so glad they renewed it for a second season!


megansavoy said...

those bloomers are hysterical.
hahaha i no one ever wears bloomers anymore.
making a comeback?