Saturday, March 10, 2007

Honorary, imaginary girl nerd leadership role FINALLY filled -- and not by Scooter Libby

The Israelites had Moses. The Canadians had Tim Horton. Now girl nerds have Tina Fey.

We liked her snarking it up on SNL. We liked her in Mean Girls. And now? We love her in 30 Rock where she's turned girl nerdness into an art form. Like macrame or tracing pictures of horses. She is, quite undeniably, the well-dressed epitome of girl nerdness.

This is why The Park Bench Crew has decided to make Tina Fey our honorary, imaginary chairnerd. Anyone who concocts a character like Liz Lemon who wakes up with food in her hair, worries about her boobs falling out of low-cut dresses, outs herself by talking up Heroes in a roomful of hipsters and accidentally makes out with her cousin not only deserves our attention, she deserves our allegiance. You say jump, Tina, and we'll say, how high? And then we'll probably think about it for a really long time and ultimately decide not to jump because it seems like an awful lot of effort and that Beauty and the Geek marathon just started and we already jumped once last week. Just know, though, that we were totally there for you in spirit. Viva, Tina, and welcome to the club.

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