Wednesday, March 14, 2007

I don't understand it, but it tastes great

For those of you not tapped into the intricacies of the global math nerd calendar, today was Pi Day. Hundreds of people with advanced degrees and hundreds of other people who were just hungry gathered at the Exploratorium science museum in San Francisco to recite the digits of pi, sing pi songs, eat lots of pie and write pi haikus (Wouldn’t it have been more appropriate to write trios of 14-line sonnets because of the whole 3.14 thing? Or not. Nevermind. – Ed.)

Said Boy Math Nerd Luke Anderson in an article on, “We few of us out there who are open with our love of math -- who are unabashed math lovers -- for us, this is the day where we get to let our hair down and be silly." As opposed to the other days when they have to scowl and use protractors and sit on hard chairs.

This year’s celebration also marked the 128th birthday of Albert Einstein, who rudely chose to remain on his own astral plane and not attend despite his ability to bend time and space.

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