Friday, March 09, 2007

The Girl Nerd Call To Action

For too long, the girl nerds of the world have been ignored and dismissed. We have been shunned and cast aside. We have been mistaken for geeks, a term which seems to indicate some sort of technological dexterity which you and I both know is completely not us. We have been mistaken, too, for losers, which we are not although secretly we lack the confidence to believe that with 100 percent certainty.

That time has passed. Today marks the dawn of a new era. No longer will we stand silently on the sidelines. It is time to unite -- and stand silently on the sidelines together.

From East Coast to West Coast, from Canada to South America, from the U.K. to the country just east of Russian that no one can really spell, from Japan to that island where Lost is filmed -- all across the globe, girl nerds should take this moment to embrace their girl nerdness and shout to the heavens, "Yes, I know the difference between Star Wars and Star Trek, and I am proud!"

We at The Park Bench hope you will join us in celebrating the girl nerd way of life and all the sedentary joy it entails.

Now go read a book or something.

1 comment:

Mickie Poe said...

YES! Right on! Power to the Girl Nerd!