Friday, June 27, 2008

News of the Day - Friday, June 27

+ I give you...behind the scenes photos from Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along. Nathan Fillion will never not be awesome:

+ Guess I was wrong about "Wall*E." The critics have got me all excited about it now. Women. We're so flighty!

+ Check out this list of the Ten Coolest Battlestar Galactica collectibles. I'm "meh" on most of them, but I deeply, deeply want some of these posters:


Gaile said...

Isn't WallE just a Short Circuit knockoff? from the commercials, it even LOOKS like Number Five.

Chewbob said...



Liz said...

You and me both, Chewbob!

I thought so too, Gaile, but the critics are playing a different tune.

Amanda said...

Nathan Fillion will always be my captain!

agent57 said...

Are they gonna be selling Captain Hammer groupie shirts please please please?

I so can't wait for Dr. Horrible.

Anonymous said...

Wall-E was amazing, absolutely incredible. My geek stripes might not be legit, because I've never watched Short Circuit, but I have to say that in many ways Wall-E is a ground-breaking movie that never would have been made even just 5 years ago. It works as a kid's movie, as an adventure tale, and as an exploration into what it means to be human or to have a personality. It also works as a tongue-lashing to every adult in the theater and as a warning to the kids.

I do have a brief review on my blog with some more praise and a bit of criticism, but I would recommend just seeing the movie first because I'd love to know your unspoiled reaction to it.