Thursday, June 19, 2008

News of the Day -- Thursday, June 19

+ How come I didn't know about this? Apparently, there are hundreds of bands expanding a new music genre called Wizard Rock based -- you guessed it -- on the Harry Potter stories. There are festivals and everything!

+ "Raiders of the Lost Ark" and "Empire Strikes Back" screenwriter Lawrence Kasdan is set to pen the upcoming Robotech movie, which will be produced by Tobey McGuire among others. Robots and Kasdan -- a match made in heaven. Thanks to Kimberly for the tip.

+ CNN had a disturbing article up the other day on how your high school social status may affect your professional life in the future. As if being elected homecoming queen each and every year wasn't bad enough, it appears as though cheerleaders also have a leg up on corporate success and are highly likely to end up in vice president positions. On the plus side, 12 percent of former student government participants ended up making $100,000 a year or more. Model UN ruuulez!


Trey said...

Wizard Rock - my bad. I take full responsibility for this, and should have told you.

We pondered booking Draco and the Malfoys for Origins this year, as they're hysterical.

Trey said...

Robotech movie...squee!!

Anonymous said...

Wrock to check out:
- Ministry of Magic
- The Weasel King
- Oliver Boyd and the Rememberalls
- Tom Riddle and Friends
- Danny Dementor

Chewbob said...

There's a whole bunch of Wizard Rock bands coming to Portus, they're even showing a "Wrockumentary" about the phenomenon!

TheName said...

The real question is whether Tobey's playing Rick or Minmei.

Anonymous said...

I'm seconding "Oliver Boyd and the Rememberalls". His hands down the greatest sounding of the wrock bands :D

There's two documentaries out. One that is premiering at the conventions this summer called "The Wizard Rockumentary."

And another which showed at the Boston film festival called "We Are Wizards" which was absolutely amazing!

Trey said...

Nakki -

Thanks for the documentary tip! I'll have to add those to my film room next year.

Pop Princess said...

Why can't they have Model UN for adults? I love kicking Niger's ass. That guy was a jerk.