Wednesday, June 25, 2008

News of the Day -- Wednesday, June 25

+ The Saturn Awards were announced yesterday with "Lost" receiving most of the love. And Jennifer Love Hewitt as best TV actress for "Ghost Whisperer?" I'm confuzzled.

+ Check out these six cool concept bikes from I think I've had dreams about the square-wheeled one...and those dreams were not good.

+ Seriously, I worry about this stuff. Apparently, other people do now too: some funding is now being shifted toward developing technology that will prevent gigantic asteroids from crashing into Earth and snuffing us all, dinosaur-style.

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jendoop said...

Personally I think our ultimate demise will be something much more mundane than a giant asteroid. Like heartattacks brought on by walking 30 miles to work because we can't afford gas for our SUVs.