Thursday, June 05, 2008

News of the Day -- Thursday, June 5

+ This is equal parts morbid and fascinating: Top Ten Scientists Killed Or Injured By Their Experiments.

+ Johnny Depp and Tim Burton together again -- this time with vampires...maybe, possibly! Rumor has it that Tim Burton is going to undertake (see what I did there?) a new telling of the 1970s horror soap opera "Dark Shadows." Wishful thinking (and past track records) suggests that Depp might take on the lead role of vampire Barnabas Collins. Fingers crossed and recrossed...

+ Found via The Modern Gal, this great preview for the new Coen Brothers movie called "Burn After Reading." Brad Pitt cracked me up through the whole thing. I'll be standing in line for this one:

+ And finally -- and perhaps most importantly of all -- the Detroit Red Wings are the 2008 Stanley Cup champions! Can I get a "woo" and a "hoo," please?


Anonymous said...

Congrats on the Red Wings, Liz. A part of me was rooting for the Pens, as Hossa and Dupuis are ex-Thrashers, but I had the opportunity to meet both Nick Lidstrom and Chris Osgood this year at the All-Star Game, and they are both stellar people, in addition to great hockey players, so I'm happy for them.

Kirstin said...

Would crossing one's fingers impede the making of a successful vampire movie?


Liz said...

Ooh, Kristin, that's a good question. I never thought of that. Okay, maybe just happy thoughts will do it then. That seems safe, right?

Tgrfan23, thanks for the congratulations! How cool that you got to meet Lidstrom and Osgood. That's one of the things I really like about the team -- almost all of them seem like genuinely good, nice people. Where I live, you see them around town with their families all the time and they're always polite and pleasant. That's why it's so fun to see them win.

Anjuli said...

Just wanted to mention that your reference to the list of scientists injured by their experiments came to my attention on the very same day I set my experiment on fire, twice. Not on purpose.