Tuesday, June 17, 2008

News of the Day -- Tuesday, June 17

+ Sad news yesterday: special effects giant Stan Winston passed away at the age of 62. Without Winston, films like "Jurassic Park," "Alien," and "Terminator" would have lacked that awe-inspiring, jaw-dropping quality that made them so special.

+ "The West Wing"'s Janel Moloney has apparently been cast in the Tommy Schlamme-directed ABC pilot "Captain Cook's Extraordinary Atlas," Zap2It! says it's the story of "a girl who discovers a magic book that leads to a world beneath the Earth's surface."

+ Entertainment Weekly offers "Battlestar Galactica: 12 Things We Learned This Year." Number Three: Starbuck can be really annoying. Well, duh. Okay, also, does EW online do anything but make pop culture lists these days? I'm not complaining or anything, 'cause it gives me an excuse to post this photo:

Aw, man, those kids sure love their literature, don't they?

+ And finally, check out these cool roller coasters from Wired. My brain is vomiting in glee just thinking of these things:

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Chewbob said...

MMMM ROLLER COASTERS. I just got back from Cedar Point and have been digging up crap about roller coasters ever since. Thanks for enabling me! ;)