Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Odds and Ends

+ Tricia Helfer is going to be in an upcoming episode of "Chuck." And among the fanboys, there was much rejoicing!

+ Helfer's former co-star Michael Trucco is slated to appear in a December episode of "The Big Bang Theory."

+ James Marsters, aka "Spike," is going to be heading up the cast of "Alien Western," a movie which is pretty much a, uh, alien western. There's aliens and cowboys and horses and spaceships and, pretty please, James Marsters in chaps and a big shady hat.

+ Albert Einstein's made-up math equation, e=mc2, has finally been proven. Yes, I kinda thought it had already been proven, too, what with the building of so much scary stuff based on that math, but no, apparently, the scientists have just been faking it this whole time.

+ And in celebration of the 45th anniversary of "Doctor Who," io9 compiled this list of the 45 coolest moments in "Doctor Who" history.

1 comment:

RedCochina said...

If we're lucky: chaps, a big shady hat and nothing else, heehee!

*sigh* Even I am embarassed at my lack of shame...