Friday, November 21, 2008

Odds and Ends

+ Looks like "Pushing Daisies" is a goner. When it worked, this was one of the most wonderfully original and sweet shows ever to air, but recently, it just seemed to be trying too hard. Still, though, I'm sorry to see it go.

+ Good news! "Battlestar Galactica" webisodes are set to start airing in the middle of December. Something to hold onto until the January 16 premiere finally, finally rolls around. ETA: I just found out Sci-Fi is going to air the preview for season 4.5 during their day-long Bond marathon on Thanksgiving. Thanks, Sci-Fi, that's hugely convenient for everyone, I'm sure.

+ $10 million seems like a fair price to pay to regenerate a mastodon, don't you think? I can't wait until they start selling these things at the Petco. I'm totally going to dress mine up as a Bantha.

+ Speaking of bones, the remains of Nicolaus "Sunshine" Copernicus were found orbiting the Earth! Hahaha, just kidding. They were in a box.

+ People Magazine announced their Sexiest Man Alive this week, and the winner is Hugh Jackman. And there's pictures of at least 15 of the runners-up. Pretty, pretty!

+ And, um, this is the blogging equivalent of asking someone if they can come out and play but is anyone interested in chit-chatting with me about "Doctor Who"? I set up a page here for anyone who has some time and might be willing to indulge me in conversation on my new mania. (This is what happens when BSG is off the air for 9 months.) Thank you!


Michele said...

Count me on chatting about DW - I can never talk about that show TOO much!! :D

agent57 said...

After the 40+ comment thread that the last Who post spawned, and the at least 10 who-related comments in the Tony Head post before that... do you really have to ask if anyone here would be willing to talk about the Doctor with you?

Liz said...

Ha! Good point, Agent57.

amanda said...

Nooo, Pushing Daisies! I agree, it was getting a little too twee, but it was still a fun show.

I love the idea of bringing back extinct species: we're moving one step closer to bringing Jasper Fforde's world to life.

agent57 said...

Also, I'm sad about the Pushing Daisies prognosis. I'm even more sad about Life on Mars America getting another chance. I tried to be all open minded and stuff, at least not blame people for liking it, but what can I say? I'm bitter.

Liz said...

Agent57, I'm kind of shocked the American version of Life on Mars got another shot, too. Michael Imperioli's mustache must be paying someone off.

agent57 said...

I'll admit it's a pretty impressive 'stache, but it could never take the place of the Dean Andrews 'stache in my heart.

(I just looked up pictures of that guy, and him without the moustache is really creeping me out...)

agent57 said...

Also, that's what really of bothers me about what [admittedly little] I've seen of the show... oneupmanship. "John Simm wakes up to see that this freeway development hasn't been built yet?* Well, we'll have Jason O'Mara wake up to see that THE TWIN TOWERS ARE STILL THERE, WHUT? Also, our 'stache is bigger and more ridiculous than your 'stache."

*grumblegrumblegrumble* Sorry, once I've gotten started it's hard to stop.

* Which, I think, was totally a Back to the Future nod anyway, and thereby infinitely cooler. I don't know, I could be wrong here.

StarbuckBitch said...

I am freaking out...I am so sick of f-ing cop dramas I want to throw up all over CSI, Law and Order, and all that repetitive bullsnit! Pushing Daisies is new and interesting and hopeful, as is Eli Stone. Disgusted.