Thursday, January 15, 2009

The hour is nigh!

Well, my friends, our long national nightmare is nearly over: "Battlestar Galactica" returns with a new episode tonight.

The world is a different place since last The BSG aired. Dinosaurs no longer roam the Earth. Noah built some sort of ark. The Milky Way was born and invented a candy bar. In short, approximately 12 billion years have passed since this show last aired.

Expectations are high for tonight's return. For months and months, actors, writers, directors, Canadians who stood outside while they filmed episodes and lucky critics who've actually seen the premiere episode have been telling us we will be completely blown away by the last half of this season. Will the show live up to the anticipation?

I'm guessing yes. For one thing, the show is ending because the story is done, not because the tank's empty. For another thing, save for the occasional "Woman King" and "Black Market," this show really doesn't falter...and it definitely doesn't falter when it comes to big finishes and grand finales. This show has blown my mind so often it's positively indecent.

So right now, I'm counting down the minutes until 10 p.m. tonight (and am praying George Bush doesn't have the urge to make another farewell address). It'll be good to have my imaginary friends back. It's like coming back to school after a 12 billion year summer vacation. Will Baltar still remember me? Will Roslin continue her amazing trend of never once losing her glasses despite an apocalypse or two? Will Adama continue to out-Bauer Jack Bauer in the whispery angry guy category? Will Saul Tigh ever turn that frown upside down? Will Tyrol continue to be awesomely insane? How long can Helo flex? Will Kara wipe her boots on Anders the Human Doormat or just be done with it and shoot him? How many times will I worry that Six's dress can't possibly fight gravity much longer? Too many questions. But finally, it's time for some answers.

Welcome back, BSG. I missed you...even if I did cheat on you with a skinny guy in a flying blue box all summer. Sorry about that.

NOTE: If you're recording BSG tonight, don't forget it runs 3 1/2 minutes long. You won't want to miss the surprise ending when Baltar finally figures out how to make out with himself.


Anonymous said...


(I choked on my breakfast carrot, but it's all okay now)

The World is a Playground said...

I consider myself lucky, I have yet to se any bad episodes, I actually never have seen black market!

crone51 said...

Hilarious. And oh dear, I was cheating with that same skinny guy (hey, I don't remember seeing you in that blue box- just on the not -so- secret page).
I am so excited. I have already updated my Facebook status with the information that my daughter is the final Cylon ( just to spoil everything for the 692 Facebook friends she has - I don't think I have even *met* 692 people in my entire very long life) , have texted back in forth with my similarly obsessed niece, have decided not to go outside in case I fall on the ice and lapse into a coma....and it's early yet! And I am the only person who kind of likes " The Woman King" ( Bruce Davidson is a god- like actor) -not so much " Black Market". In slightly more than 12 hours I will wave at you through the telly. So say we all. Yiiikes! Root for me to win the Fifth Cylon Pool.

Jen Anderson said...

So happy, so happy, so happy!

I had managed to block out memories of The Woman King and had to look it up on IMDB. I don't think it was one of their best episodes, but it certainly doesn't stink on the level of Black Market. Black Market was so bad, it hurt.

Black Eyed Gurl said...

So Say We All!!!

I so want to see Baltar make out with himself. Why can't Head Gaius make out with real Gaius like the Head 6 can?? Cos that would be full of awesome.

Not a spoiler but in case you needed another reason to watch tonight: apparently the 5th cylon will be revealed at the end of this episode. FINALLY!!!!!

Elimare said...

Can't wait! But I'll be seeing this a few days after ye.

Kathe said...

SO SAY WE ALL! It's been a long long long and even longer wait for this final season and we've reset our DVR to make sure we don't miss the extra minutes. I really hope Kara just puts Anders out of our - er - his misery. Poor boy/cylon...

And Liz - hanging out in that flying blue box is the best time killer ever! :D