Wednesday, January 14, 2009


Patrick McGoohan and Ricardo Montalban both in one day? C'mon, this is not fair.

I will admit right here and now that I've always been fascinated by Ricardo Montalban. He was always so smooth and collected. As I child, I wanted to go to "Fantasy Island" just so I could listen to the sophisticated man in the fine tuxedo speak in that deep, rich voice about, I don't know, leather maybe? I could never imagine what his words would be, I could just hear the voice saying them. Paradox all the way, baby.

And then there was "Wrath of Khan." Others may disagree but I will contend that there has never been a better "Star Trek" baddie than Khan. How the producers ever fit the egos of both Montalban and Shatner into the same little movie, with them chewing off all those delicious pieces of scenery, is beyond me. I watch it now and all I can think is, "The manly men, they 'splode!"

Also, and perhaps most important of all, Montalban had the most amazing chesticular muscles ever shown on screen. I always believed they were fake -- pec implants formed from genuine Corinthian leather -- but many, many people have convinced me they were actually his own bulging manly space muscles to which I say, "Well done, Mr. Montalban, well done."

These pecs - so huge, they had their own zip code.

And without Montalban's character, we never would have had the legendary cry of "Khaaaaan!!!!!!!!" also known as The Single Best Shatner Moment in the History of The Shatnerian Universe.

In all sincerity, I'll miss Mr. Montalban but I'll never forget him. I can't resist adding "or his pecs," and frankly, I think he'd be okay with that.


Trey said...

He'd be totally ok with that. You might even get a sexy smile for it, which...well...bonus.

Rest in Peace, Mr. Montalban.

crone51 said...

This is also disturbing because, I hear these things happen in threes ( I don't believe this being a rational human but.....), and I mentioned that to my husband wondering what somewhat geeky actor would be next and he uttered the unutterable-"Nimoy". I will be spending the rest of the day filing divorce papers, obviously. I could never stay married to such a cruel man.

Liz said...

I worry about the irrational "happens in threes" thing, too. And apparently so does Wil Wheaton: yesterday on Twitter he said he was locking himself in his safe room just as a precaution. Gotta love that guy.

I can't believe your husband said Nimoy! It's too bad the marriage had to end this way.... ;)

Marie said...

I'm devastated. D.e.v.a.s.t.a.t.e.d.