Friday, January 09, 2009

Odds and Ends

+ This is actually kind of a great idea for a museum exhibit -- The Museum of Failed Relationships. This touring museum piece originated in Croatia and is designed to "create a space of secure memory in order to preserve the heritage of broken relationships.” Here's what's in it:

The museum, which has actual displays as well as a virtual, online space, has everything from romantic letters to photographs to gifts given to lovers such as soft toys, but also includes unusual exhibits such as a prosthetic leg donated by a war veteran who fell in love with his physiotherapist.

In Berlin, an axe used by a woman to break up her ex-girlfriend's furniture, along with the broken furniture, was on display alongside a wedding dress and a pair of skates.

Every single object in the museum is anonymous, and has a short description of the relationship it was part of.


+ Did you know you can watch all 17 episodes of "The Prisoner" on the AMC website? I've never seen this series although I've heard amazing things about it, so you know what I've got planned for this weekend.

+ Ah, yes, this was done before with "Lost" but it's still funny -- "Battlestar Galactica" done in Facebook updates. My favorite? "Gaius Baltar became a fan of himself."

+ So will the color pink traumatically scar your small female child? Find out in this article which is equal parts ridiculous and fascinating. Somehow I don't think wearing pink means little girls are being oppressed by The Man, but it is rather sad that they have so few color choices. Of course, when I say "sad," I mean "earns maybe half a frown if I'm feeling hormonal."


onepinkshoe said...

I love battlestar book! So funny!

Regarding the pink article though... really, people are worried about pink? Really?

I realize everything for girls is pink and when you walk into a toy store there is a pink aisle and a blue aisle.

Why aren't we worried about everything being blue for boys? Doesn't that limit them too?

We have real issues we should be worried about, not colours!

Anonymous said...

Pink, shmink. You like what you like, and I LOVE PINK. It wasn't forced on me as a child, but I demanded it even though I was a tomboy. My son loves red--so what does that mean? Onepinkshoe is right, there is much more to be worried about--like do little girls have strong father figures? Are we helping them develop positive self-esteem? Do they know it's OK to be smart and nerdy? And it's really OK to have a Star Wars collection that outdoes that of the neighbor boys!

crone51 said...

The Prisoner is the best thing ever.

agent57 said...

I first heard about The Prisoner when my favorite cartoon ever, ReBoot, did a parody episode. I'm ashamed to say that though interested, I've never watched it. Now that I know it's so convenient and free... I have no excuse.

But I've got to get through these Horatio Hornblower DVDs I got from the library first.