Friday, January 23, 2009

Odds and Ends

+ Check out this cool new "Watchmen" viral video celebrating the birth of Dr. Manhattan. Better blue than red, my friends.

+ So what'd you guys think of the Oscar nominations? I've only seen maybe three movies this year so I'm disinvested. Let me know what movies I should check out before the big day.

+ Need a bit of zombie goodness to make it through your Friday afternoon? Then check out this amusing video called "The Remnants" about Pringles, Wiis and life with the undead starring Ernie Hudson and Justine Bateman and a guy who looks just like a younger, thinner but equally hot Paul Rudd. If you have 12 or so minutes at lunch, check it out. It starts out slow but picks up:

The Remnants from John August on Vimeo.

+ "Bionic Woman" Michelle Ryan is going to be hanging out with Britain's top metrosexual clean guy David Tennant in the first of this year's Doctor Who specials, "Planet of the Dead." No word on whether this means she'll be the permanent companion for Eleven.

"I call my detachable bionic leg 'Pogo.'"


Michele said...

I thought it odd that the BBC PR for Ryan's role didn't mention her role in the other BBC fantasy show, Merlin. Are they ashamed of her playing Nimueh?

Anonymous said...

What could possibly lead you to suspect they wanted to pretend Merlin and just about everything associated with it never happened?

amanda said...

The "Watchmen" movie looks so great! I feel like I should read the graphic novel before I see the film, but I have a pathetically hard time reading graphic novels.

J. said...

Ditto on the Watchmen movie. Amanda... two words "READ IT"... I had been putting off reading it for nearly twenty years now... and finally glad that I did it. I do not read much fiction (graphic or otherwise) but the novel is pure awesomeness. I got my wife to read it and she was in total agreement with me on that sentiment as well. You only have a few weeks left to experience it the way in was meant to be experienced without the pollution of the movie (however great it ends up being) clouding your opinion of it.

crone51 said...

Agree with J. READ IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

It's exceptional.