Sunday, May 31, 2009

Torchwood and Who -- good times ahead!

There's a new extended trailer of Torchwood's "Children of Earth" feature, which is slated to air this July. Looks creepy...and I mean that as a compliment.

Speaking of things that fall out of Russell T. Davies' head, the BBC America air dates for the first two Season Five "Doctor Who" episodes have been announced: "The Next Doctor" will air at 9 p.m. on June 27 and "Planet of the Dead" will make its American debut in July.

Oh, and in a tiny bit of other "Doctor Who" news, the new companion for Matt Smith's Eleven has been announced. I'm afraid of anyone considering it spoilery, so I'm just offering up the link. All I'll say is, hey, at least she's age appropriate!


Michele said...

Actually, the episodes they're showing this year are part of S4 - the episodes are number 4.14, etc. by the production team... Season 5 is Moffat, Matt Smith, and the new girlie.

SeriousCat said...

I'm a little peeved, they showed Planet Of The Dead here tonight, on the Australian ABC, and they DIDN'T even advertise it, so I didn't realise it was on until I surfed during a commercial break and there he was. I hope they repeat it very soon.

Anonymous said...

Actually I've been seeing ads for 'Planet Of The Dead' pretty regularly for the last 3-4 weeks at least. Maybe you just weren't watching the ABC at the right times. I'm pretty sure there was one for it during their Wednesday lineup this week.

Camera Obscura said...

Re: both the new Doctor and Companion -- I'm withholding judgment on both until I see 'em in action. There's been a lot of fapping on the fan-boards, but neither of 'em trips my trigger one way or t'other. As for Girlie, all I can say is what we've seen of her before isn't enough for me to really judge. (There, was that non-spoiler-y enough?)