Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Astronauts are known to overpack

It seems like it’s been difficult for the media to get over the fact that people who volunteer to have themselves strapped to enormous explosives and shot into space might be mentally unstable. That’s the only explanation I can find for stories like this one, which details the items found in astronaut Lisa Nowak’s car when she set out to allegedly kidnap her romantic rival.

I’ve heard other items were found in her trunk, too, including:

* Fergie’s junk
* A Choose Your Own Adventure: Spurned Rocket Scientist edition
* One pair of handcuffs, formerly used by Harry Houdini
* One burst appendix, formerly used by Harry Houdini
* A copy of DIY magazine
* Fourteen shocked news analysts
* A butterfly net
* Sigmund Freud shamefully spooning a kitten
* Michael Palin, host of A&E’s “Coast to Coast in the Trunk of a Fucking Lunatic”
* Two tickets to Paradise
* And the last shred of NASA’s dignity


Anonymous said...

A quick Google of "NASA astronaut screening process" pops up 194,000 hits...almost every one with the further keyword "review" involved.
Ya' think!

L-D's D

annie said...

I'm... I don't know. I like space. I'd like to visit, strapped to explosives or not.

How is this Nowak thing not an isolated incident?

theresidentgeek said...

I'm a little disturbed about the floppy disk - though, working for NASA, you might still have use for them...

I really miss the days when NASA was cool.