Friday, April 27, 2007

Friday Wrap-Up

Just a few items to start us off this Friday morning...

It was an honor for me just to be nominated by me
In a stunning act of humility and class, The Park Bench has nominated itself for The Best Blog of All Time award at the Blogger's Choice Award. I encourage you to vote early, vote often and try to get every dead Chicagoan you know to vote, too. With any luck, it'll be Shakespeare in Love versus Saving Private Ryan all over again.

FOX television, you make me sad.
Why, Fox, why? First you kill Tony Almeda off 24 and now you're going to deprive me of Drive? What do you people have against Nathan Fillion? Is it because he looks so much better in your pants? Is it because he's Canadian? The only consolation is that now you can take your Fillion action figure (you know, the one you carved by hand) and act out the rest of the episodes, thanks to producer Tim Minear posting scripts on his website.

You just can't spell Ikea
If you've ever been sitting on your couch and thought to yourself, "Now would be an ideal time to spell 'quotidian' and get a triple word score," help has arrived. This company is offering Scrabble tile pillows. They are awesome and look like this:

Mr. Ed's Bloody Rampage
According to Yahoo news, witnesses say they heard a cry of "Wiiilllburrr" before turning to find Mr. Ed wielding a bloody hoof and standing proud over the lifeless body of this portly German man. He then stole the guy's wallet and bought himself a bag of Nutter Butters. Okay, not really. Some drunk guy just left his horse in an ATM lobby while he slept one off. But wouldn't it have been better the other way?

A couple of late additions...
* Honorary Park Bench Chairnerd Tina Fey blogged last night on NBC after the season finale of 30 Rock, which was wonderful as usual. Read what she has to say about lobster and Dr. Spaceman here.

*Park Bench reader Brodie has a funny list of Country Music Songs for Nerds over at his site, My personal favorite is The Wreck of the Commodore 64. Gordon Lightfoot is kicking himself for not thinking of that first....

1 comment:

Shan said...

Drive being "garaged" makes me deeply sad (though I saw it coming. Since I loved it and it was well done). I did a few "post-mortems" on the show, and what Minear should do next, over on my blog. (Plus, I did a "best and worst Buffy episodes" entry a few days ago. I'm assuming as a "nerd girl" you also have an appreciation for the show. I'd love to hear your take on the same topic).

As for our Captain, I can only hope that his career parallels Lauren Graham, who had 7 or 8 series flops before striking gold with Gilmores. Unlike Graham, however, Nathan has had GOOD shows that befit his talent, it's just that the viewing public is much stupider than I'd presumed (and that's pretty stupid).

Thanks for the link to the 30 Rock blog. I had forgotten about that!