Thursday, April 19, 2007

Dickens World: ready to unleash ye olde English awesomeness on YOU!

Screw Disney World, now we’ve got Dickens World! Opening this May in Chatham, England, Dickens World is a theme park that will bring the filthy, impoverished world of Dickensian funny to life. How awesome is that? It’s even more awesome the way Yahoo News describes it:

"In Dickens World, rat catchers hunt vermin on London's cobbled streets, pickpockets roam the alleys — and visitors line up for a fun-tastic water ride."

It’s the “fun-tastic water ride” that really sells it for me. So now you know what you’re doing this summer -- go book that airline and start working on your lousy Cockney accent RIGHT NOW!

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annie said...

Relive the classics!
Dickens to touch, see, and smell!
Let your kid free here!