Thursday, April 05, 2007

The tell-tale signs

You Know You're a Girl Nerd When...

* You find Dwight Schrute attractive but know enough not to tell anyone.

* You get vertigo wearing three-inch heels. You take the shoes off and give them to someone you hate.

* You DVR the Scripps Spelling Bee...and spend weeks memorizing all the words in case someday they create an adult spelling bee which you will enter and ultimately conquer.

* You know that the string theory has nothing to do with kittens.

* You’re not shocked at all when scientists discover a genetic link between nerdiness and Anglophilia. You wave your Union Jack in celebration.

* You know what an Eames chair is and you would sell your sister to own one.

* You have opinions on fonts.

* You watch Monty Python and the Holy Grail and laugh before each joke.

* You know that George Washington did not fight in the Civil War.

* You may have lit a Barbie on fire. Once. Or twice.


annie said...

-- You hear the name "George Washington" and go "ooo!" in a particular voice.

-- You never had a Barbie.

-- You were disappointed that the Rocket Club your older brother was in was defunct by the time you got to high school. D:

ps: yay fonts!

Deb said...

Love the list. I must bookmark.


amanda said...

Does it count if you used your sister's Barbies (more specifically, their necks) to learn (from an old book) how to tie a perfect noose?

Liz said...

Amanda, that actually counts twice as much.