Monday, April 09, 2007

One Month

Today marks the one month anniversary of The Park Bench, which has now offically lasted about three weeks longer than I imagined. A sincere thanks to all who've contributed, commented and read our ramblings on Tina Fey, Battlestar Galactica, nerd dating, Eleanor Roosevelt and the myriad other odd subjects with which we've tried to amuse you. Your support is appreciated, and I hope you'll keep reading because, seriously, April 16 is National Eggs Benedict Day and you're not going to want to miss that.


Steve B said...

Congrats. Sure I am your husband so what else would I say but I am impressed that this didn't die after day 3. Keep on truckin'!

Anonymous said...

Roll on, Liz.
Although most of it is over my head, it is still on my "checklist" about three times a day.
If L-D could read...uh...and had thumbs...he would be commenting in the positive, as well.
L-D's D

Liz said...

Thanks for reading, you guys. And please tell L-D thanks, too. I know he can read. He's just faking his illiteracy so he doesn't have to go to school.