Tuesday, April 03, 2007

A hodge-podge-ish potpourri, if you will

Just a few short items this morning because of work, but thanks to two Park Bench readers, we've got a couple of good ones.

* Annie sent in a very cool link that will appeal to all of us movie fans. Check out movie poster mash-ups like this one, a personal favorite because I do love the ska -- and no, that's not a euphemism:

* Margaret was kind enough to let us know that we can open a whole new chapter in the Luke vs. Han debate by voting for their respective postage stamps at the U.S. Postal Service site. Han's looking pretty heroic on his stamp. I'm just saying.

* Have you ever wanted to become a philosopher and master the art of tearing a phone book in two -- all in just a few short minutes? Apparently, wikiHow can teach you. I've zipped past this feature on Google a million times, but never really looked at it until yesterday. If only I'd paid attention, I'd know now how to balance on a galloping horse, become a cheerleader and report a UFO sighting. My weekend would have been so much more exciting.

* In other news, rumor has it that Keith Richards may have snorted the ashes of his father. Oedipus smacks forehead, wonders why he didn't think of that first.

* And last but not least, an item dear to my own bitching-and-whining heart. It's the Helsinki Complaints Choir. Their job? To sing random, submitted complaints. It's one part flash mob, one part performance art, two parts Dadaist and one part beautiful music if you enjoy the sound of Finnish being sung. It's rather long, so grab a cup of tea and watch it on your break.

Thanks again to Annie and Margaret for sharing those links. If anyone else has any suggestions, please let us know!


annie said...

Heck yes! I love the Helsinki Complaints Choir.

Where can I send that Oedipus joke fanmail?


and yay me. :P *makes note of contact address*

Liz said...

Don't you love these guys? I like the British one, too, but the Finns have the edge for being the pioneers.

annie said...

There's a British one?!

Liz said...

Yup, there's a British one. I think it's the Birmingham Complaint Choir. If you do asearch for it at YouTube, it'll pop up.