Thursday, January 17, 2008

News of the Day

+ The trailer is out for Tina Fey's upcoming movie, "Baby Mama." It looks cute.

+ A few days ago, Yahoo News ran a story on a Texas town where residents have said they've been seeing UFOs overhead. In and of itself, this isn't all that funny or noteworthy. What's funny is the video of the story and the fact that one of the townspeople thought about actually shooting the UFO. You gotta love America.

+ And good news for those of us who kick ass at Wii Tennis! ESPN soon will begin broadcasting competitive gaming. I think we gamers owe a debt of gratitude to the poker players who paved the way for "sports" that can be played while sitting down and drinking.

+ And finally a bit of sad news. The toymaker who popularized the Hula Hoop and the Frisbee died this past Monday. So while I could never spin a Hula Hoop more than 12 seconds and consistently threw my Frisbee like, well, a girl, I tip my proverbial hat to Mr. Richard Knerr for making some really fun toys that actually required imagination and skill. Those were the days....

+ ETA: USA Today has a story this morning on the upcoming X-Files movie. There's a picture and everything! Mulder and Scully, I miss you so.


Trey said...

He didn't want to start an interstellar war. Well, that was nice of him. :-)

I love that the concept of alien life is so mainstream (thank you Star Trek and all of your cousins), that your average person thinks in terms of first contact issues and complexities.

Liz said...

Exactly! That just totally cracked me up. I mean, thank God he exercised some self-control or first contact might never happen at all!

I especially like the part where the reporter says something like, " he holstered his weapon and continued on...." I laugh everytime I think about it.

Trey said...

I do have to wonder...what was he packing, exactly, that he thought it might have an impact?

US space shuttles are fairly fragile compared to other things we make, but even they wouldn't notice a pistol shot hitting the side. So what does he have, wandering around in Texas? Shotgun (good for zombies, but not so useful here)? Grenade launcher? Hand-held laser cannon?

(Me, I'd at least want the laser cannon. Aliens can be tricky, I'm told)

agent57 said...

Glad to hear that XF2 is going to be a stand alone. I worry about whether it's going to be good, but at the same time I just can't help getting excited about these sort of things. But... Scully just doesn't look like Scully without the Scully hairstyle! It's throwing me off, man!

Liz said...

That's a good question, Trey. I'm guessing shotgun, but you're right. You'd at least want something with a laser on it. He'll probably plan better next time!

Liz said...

Agent 57, I was totally worried about whether or not the movie would be good...until I saw that photo and I realized I basically just want to see those two characters again. I'd pay $9 to watch Mulder and Scully rake leaves if they were played by Duchovny and Anderson. I'm easy when it comes to X-Files! :-)