Wednesday, January 09, 2008

News of the Day

+ A guy named Mark has decided to live in IKEA for a week, which I assume means that anyone buying the furniture he's used gets a 50 percent discount because -- hello! -- some guy just slept in my new Swedish bed. You can check out his videos documenting the experience here.

+ Who knew MTV did anything these days except force the parents of teenage girls to rent helicopters and the Goo Goo Dolls for their sweet 16 parties? Apparently, they're also good at indexing. They now offer a track finder service for rhythm video games like Guitar Hero, meaning you can search in advance to find out if your favorite songs are included or double check later which songs are on which game, saving precious minutes of scrolling when all you want to do is play!!

+ There's nothing nerdy about this story, but I liked it anyway: a guy got his five-month-old baby photographed with all of the New Hampshire primary contenders. It's fascinating to read his views on each candidate and how they reacted with his daughter. Regarding the photo below, he says, "it looks like I'm giving up my baby for adoption to some rich folks." Given the WTF look on her face, I'm guessing baby's thinking the same thing.

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iN2TheROSES said...

The guy Mark is the audience coordinator for The Colbert Report!