Thursday, January 03, 2008

News of the Day

+ We have a winner in the ESPN Zone Ultimate Couch Potato Contest: Stan Friedman of New York, who lounged competitively for 29 hours. The lone female contestant dropped out after a disappointing 15 hours. Friedman's mark, while impressive, was well short of the Guiness Book of World Records mark for watching competitive sports, which was 69 hours and 48 minutes. I think we'll all be using that bit of knowledge at our next cocktail party. [New York Daily News]

+ Netflix soon will be delivering movies directly to your TV set via some sort of magical box that I believe uses fairies and pixie dust to transmit film from the internets, if I'm understanding my science correctly. This is an awesome development. I used to like Netflix because it meant I didn't have to go outside to the video store. Now I like Netflix because it means I don't even have to go outside to my mailbox. Yay, sloth!

+ Comic Book Resources did a year-end wrap-up of best and worst comics, writers and artists. Joss Whedon snuck in there as one of 2007's best writers for his Buffy season 8 work among other things. [Comic Book Resources]

+ And for all you political nerds out there, don't forget that C-SPAN is providing live coverage of the Iowa caucuses beginning at 7 p.m. EST tonight. I'm so curious to see how a caucus works, I'm actually going to watch this. Go, candidates I feel least unappealing! I'm totally rooting for you! [C-SPAN]

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