Friday, January 11, 2008

News of the Day

+ Do you like your men masked, wearing unitards, flexing pecs of steel and sporting wrists that spew spiderwebs? Then good news! Spiderman is single again. According to Yahoo News, the latest Spiderman comic is a real homewrecker with Peter and Mary Jane making a "tearful deal with the devil-like character Mephisto: In exchange for saving Aunt May's life, Mephisto erases all traces of the Peter-Mary Jane marriage from memory." In his sadness, Spiderman returns to riding Seabiscuit full-time.

+ In his new bachelor state, Spiderman might enjoy this high-tech bed that features "wireless Internet connectivity, an iPod dock, a surround sound speaker system, LCD projector, dual temperature controls and DVR capability." It also comes with a built-in solution for snoring, featuring "vibration-detection that will elevate that half of the bed 7 degrees if a user is snoring and then return to the original position once the snoring stops." High-tech gadgets and a solution for snoring -- this bed is my husband's dream come true. Soon I will have to tell him the bed costs $20,000 and crush that dream...yes, just like all the others.

+ LucasFilms, Inc. is looking for a few good Jedis...or at least someone to groom Chewie. Check out their funny recruitment video.

+ Okay, this baby polar bear video nearly made my head explode from the cuteness. Basically, all the little guy does is sleep -- and exude enough adorableness to make Dick Cheney coo. Watch the video with the sound off so as not to hear the disturbing talk about how polar bears eat their young -- thanks, National Geographic, that totally killed the mood for me -- and hang in there until the end when the baby bear becomes the Michael Jordan of sleeping.

+ Check out Entertainment Weekly's list of the 100 greatest websites, then top that off with its list of the top 25 fan sites. Hurry! It's Friday morning and you only have eight hours left to take advantage of your employers' T-1 line. Commence browsing!

+ Today's the last day to vote for your favorite blogs at the eighth annual Weblog Awards. You can vote for as many as you like in categories as weirdly diverse as best craft weblog and best Canadian weblog. And yes, I voted for The Park Bench but only like 18 or 19 times.

+ And finally, after days of deliberation and voting, it looks like we finally have our first selection for the Park Bench book club. The winner...narrowly beating out Mike Huckabee in a surprising turn of events! -- is E.M. Forster's A Room With a View. I hope everyone else is as excited about this choice as I am, and are ready to start some page turning. Two weeks from today, I'll post information on how to access the Park Bench Yahoo group so we can launch our discussion group. In the meantime, happy reading!

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annie said...

I will be unable to attend your book club because i will spend too much time quoting Eddie Izzard.

Don't know if you got any of it, but here are some fans complaining about spiderman

(ps: I'm very behind in my blog reading)