Monday, January 07, 2008

News of the Day

+ It's Monday, so it never hurts to have a new addition to the office time waster line-up. Check out this oddly addictive item called Xavier Enigma's Next Physics Game. Basically, you can draw any shape and the program will make it react the way an object that shape would react in a real, gravity-filled environment. I had a lot of fun drawing circles that rolled...and also a large-headed dog. Don't ask me why. It just seemed like the thing to do.

+ People Magazine's UK edition reports that Queen Elizabeth likes to bowl on Prince William's new Wii. (That sounds kind of weird, doesn't it?) My question is, was she able to make a little crown for her Mii? Are there Mii Corgis cheering for her in the background when she picks up a spare?

+ Looking for a new craft project? Want to turn your pantry into a disco? Well, now you can, thanks to's instructional guide on transforming your old CDs into a disco ball. Seriously, if anyone actually builds one of these, please send me photos. [via Lifehacker]

+ Ever wonder what Vin Diesel and Dolph Lundgren have in common besides enormous, kitten-crushing pecs? They're both apparently really smart. I know! Who'd have thought? But it's true. Read their stories in Cracked's List of Celebrities You Didn't Know Were Geeks. Also, the fact that Asia Carrera calls herself "the nerd of porn" has convinced me that if I had a favorite porn star, she would totally be it, Ron Jeremy be damned!

+ Those movies that get snubbed by the People's Choice Awards every year - I think they're referred to as "the good movies" -- got their due with the announcement of the National Society of Film Critics choices for best of 2007. (Spoiler alert: "There Will Be Blood" took top honors.)

+ And finally, Entertainment Weekly did a cool preview photo for Battlestar Galactica that's got that "Last Supper" look that's so popular with the kids these days. Check out this semi-spoilery post from that includes quotes from BSG producer Ron Moore on what the photo tells us about Season 4. You know, the season that was supposed to debut this month but that's been pushed back until April 4, nearly a full year after the last new episode aired. Not that I'm bitter.*

* Just kidding. I'm actually ridiculously bitter.

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