Friday, July 20, 2007

The secret "Let's Talk Doctor Who" page

Thank you for taking pity and talking with me about Doctor Who. :)

I just have to know, how did you feel about the transition between Nine and Ten? I've watched all of Season Two with Tennant and tonight I watched the first three episodes of Season One and I really like both Eccleston and Tennant. I'm just curious what the adjustment was like between the two for you? Eccleston definitely has a harder edge to him although Tennant can sure turn on the coldness at the drop of a hat. How do the two compare for you?


Anonymous said...

Aah, thanks for this page! I love DW half to death, and I have too few people I can talk to about it. Even some of the smartest people I know think it's a dumb show (mostly they're judging it based on the worst episodes of the old series), and apart from maybe six of my closest geek-friends, nobody even knows I watch it.

RE: the Eccleston to Tennant switch. I had no problems with it: I'd been watching the old series since college, so I had no big reaction beyond "WTF, already?" because CE had only done one season.

I liked CE, but he was hard to get used to as the Doctor. I realize Russell T Davies was aiming to remake the character and shed some of the more fruity, over-the-top trappings of the previous Doctors, but IMO he went a little too far. CE's Doctor often felt to me like a completely new character loosely based on the Doctor. Nine seemed like just an ordinary bloke from Manchester who happened to own a space/ time machine. And it felt like just as I'd gotten used to this stripped-down, modern Doctor, phwoosh, he was gone.

Tennant, OTOH, won me over immediately because he just "felt" like the Doctor--like a modern update of a cherished classic, as opposed to a completely new character. He had that crazy energy, that perfect mix of familiarity and alien weirdness. And I just love the contrast--which Tennant plays to such great effect--between the jolly, boyish exterior, and all the rage and pain beneath, which at times comes bubbling to the surface (and sometimes causes him to do some pretty nasty things).

All the actors who've played the character have brought something unique to the role, and I've found that the key to enjoying the series as a whole is to recognize and appreciate those differences rather than constantly think, "I wish Actor B had played the role more like Actor C."

From what I've gleaned, I would guess that for most fans of the show, their favorite Doctor (or Doctors) is the one who grabs them the most emotionally, and I would say that's definitely true of me. With Tennant in the role, I really care about the character's inner life; with the others, not so much. Maybe only Tom Baker grabbed me as much as Tennant has.

Anyway, enough rambling from me... what do other people think?

Shan said...

I'm with you in loving both portrayals. It's kind of an "apples and oranges" thing. If you accept the premise that the Doctor regenerates into a new form, with a "new" personality (unlike watching a soap where they announce "the part of the Doctor is now being played by...."), then I think you can roll with both actors making an indelible impression.

CE was the right person for the right time, bringing an edge to someone who had fought the time wars. And DT still maintained the pathos of the war and its scars, while opening up more of a sense of whimsy and fun, albeit one fueled with righteousness.

Both performances completely won me over, but I have to admit, I'm completely in the tank for Tennant.

Anonymous said...

Not very useful as a first post but I thought you might enjoy this. :)

Kathe said...

You know, it's interesting, at first I wasn't sure I was going to like Tennant, then Season 3 came along (I was never a big fan of Rose) and I just fell in love. I think both Nine and Ten have their pluses, Tennant just seems more comfortable in the role and everyone knew that Eccleston was only going to do one season so I guess we all knew not to get really attached to him. Frankly, it's just a wonderful show and I think the outstanding writing has a lot to do with how each actor has done. Tennant and Russel Davis had worked together before on Casanova (another BBC Mini-series, watch it if you can, YOWZA!) so I think Davis just knows how to write to Tennant's strengths.

Thanks for setting this up - I became very obsessed very fast too! :) And I do feel very sorry for the Eleventh Doctor, this is going to be one hard act to follow.

Michele said...

Bear in mind, I wasn't that interested in New Who when it started up again. So by the time I watched Seasons 1 and 2, Season 3 was already filming, so I knew that Tennant had replaced Eccleston after a mere year.

And I had never seen Eccleston in anything prior to Who, and only seen Tennant in the Harry Potter movie (back when I was still torturing myself with the film adaptations - but that's a whole 'nother conversation!).

So I wasn't terribly fussed before I started watching, and anyway Nine took some time to grow on me: it wasn't until "Dalek" that I actually accepted Eccleston was playing the Doctor because to me he didn't seem very settled into the role. And once he'd regenerated into Ten, I wasn't bothered about him going. Having watched three seasons with Tennant (whom I love), I watch Nine's season with a feeling of regret for missed opportunities. I do think that RTD could have done a good deal more with Nine's Time War angst - told some interesting stories that showed just how deeply affected he was (as "Dalek" tried to do - and bless the lovely Rob Shearman's cotton socks for how hard he tried to make that story work, given the original was written for Six and Evelyn Smythe's Big Finish audio drama).

No matter how much I adore David Tennant, his Tenth Doctor occasionally sets my nerves on edge. It's not his fault - it's down to the writers, or more specifically the gloss that RTD used on the scripts (he freely admits to re-writing other people's scripts except Moffat's and recently boasted (in an unprofessional manner) about how much editing he did of Paul Cornell's two-parter in S3).

Both Doctors have a lot going for them, for me personally, but as a fan of the show from before Rusty's days, I really hate the asinine insistence that Rose is the only companion the Doctor's ever loved. Sometimes I want to march down to Cardiff and smack RTD about the head with the Third Doctor's stories and tell him "This is how you handle having three different companions over a short period of time, without making anyone (actor, character or viewer) feel bad for there being a new companion." Because Jon Pertwee's Third Doctor *never* made anyone feel bad because they weren't someone else, and it really annoys me that Ten has done that - it goes against the whole spirit of the show where both the Doctor and the companions change regularly.

Erm, long comment is long and ranty, sorry!

(And obviously, this is just my view and YMMV considerably!)

Quilt Monkey said...

Hi there! I'm a persisent lurker who couldn't pass up a Dr. Who chat. However, I have not yet seen the most recent season (with Donna). It is just starting up on BBC America so I'll be up to date soon! On to your topic: my husband and I were shocked and disappointed to see Eccleston change after only one season, and were very skeptical. DH is a long time Dr. Who fan (I was new to it then). He really liked Eccleston's take on the Doctor (darker than the others) and I liked him as well, not knowing the history of the character. Tennett took a few episodes to get used to, but very quickly I grew to adore him. DH not so much. He likes Tennett but prefers Eccleston.

crone51 said...

ooohh.. a secret page! This is deeply cool. I love talking about Dr. Who as it is still a somewhat new obsession of mine as well.
I like Eccleston. I love Tennant. I have to admit I started watching the series after the switch so Tennant is my Doctor( or rather Tennant and Tom Baker are *my * doctors). I got into watching New Who because I tuned in for BSG ( are we related?) and sometimes I tuned in a bit early and thought.."oh look, they're doing Dr. Who again, and who is that delicious young man anyway?". So then, when my daughter was traveling in Africa this summer and I needed to distract myself from worrying I began to watch the entire new series . Eccleston was great. I sometimes wish there could be parallel universes in *my* in which Eccleston contines and one for Tennant. However, that said, I did not fall in love with Eccleston. I just enjoyed him. He's fabulous and yes, does have a bit more of an "edge". But then the Doctor comes to this new series as a very unhappy bitter guy and his character grows and changes throughout the series ( as I discovered when it finally dawned on me to watch the damned thing in *order*) so if CE had continued it's likely that his portrayal would have softened up a bit ( it does somewhat). Have you seen Empty Child and The Doctor Dances yet? One of my absolute favorite two parters and he is brilliant in them.
Oh this is so much fun!

Em said...

I came at it from the point of view of someone who had a fairly Who-soaked childhood and was used to regeneration. I also had a pre-existing ginormous crush on Mr Tennant, so I was mostly excited about him playing one of my favourite ever characters and seeing what his Doctor would be like.

As far as comparisons go, I have a place in my heart for both and I think that, for reasons that will become apparent once you've seen all of Nine's tenure, the differences work. The changes fit with the character arc and it's just right, somehow.

Liz said...

Thank you all, this is just the kind of conversation I've been pining for! Crone 51, just like you I started watching these things out of order, so I'm really enjoying getting the backstory that season one provides. And I really do like Eccleston. He brings a real sweetness to the role (granted, I'm only three episodes in) without losing that sense of how miserable he really is. And I like the fact that that trait carries over with Tennant.

I also agree with the idea that Tennant seems more like what I've always thought of as "Doctor-like," versus a guy who just happens to have a Tardis. Ten does have more of that otherworldliness thing going.

I've also discovered that even though I liked Rose all through season two, I think I like her even more in these early episodes. Or maybe I should say, I like Billie Piper even more in these early episodes -- although, seriously, she thinks her boyfriend is dead yet gleefully runs off to help the doctor (yeah, she badgers him a bit about it, but still, not that crushed)? I don't like Mickey either, but that was really jarring. Anyway, big tangent there, sorry. I guess what I'm trying to say is that I like the individual character of Rose better with Nine but I like the relationship between Rose and the Doctor better with Ten.

Michele said...

Mickey took a while to grow on me (as did Jackie) but by the end of S4 I loved them both and don't even like Rose any more. RTD has openly admitted that Rose is incredibly selfish - but instead of treating it as a flaw and using to show character development, he just seemed to heighten it constantly so that by S4 she's tearing down the walls of the universes just to get back to the Doctor EVEN THOUGH he told her that it would be a bad thing to do.

I'm also very annoyed that he totally nullified the emotional impact of both the end of Doomsday and the whole of The Runaway Bride by bringing her back.

agent57 said...

I got into the show kind of weirdly. I had seen bits with Eccleston, but the first full episode I saw was with Tennant... I didn't know a thing about the whole regeneration idea, so instead of being really sad about it, I was just like "oh man this is a great show!" (And the Children in Need clip... "I have got... a mole." How can you not be won over by the adorable?) Tennant is, I suppose, my Doctor, but watching s1 over again I can't really say for sure that I like Ten more than Nine. Oh I don't know! It's such a conundrum!

I really do think Eccleston handled the angry/angsty scenes better. There's nothing I love more than happy/wacky/talky Ten, but I think Nine was more rounded in the emotional sense. And I liked his relationship with Rose a lot more, though I suppose that can be attributed to the handling of Rose's character post- Idiot's Lantern, or thereabouts. (At this point I can't tell how much of my souring towards Rose's plot line was caused by the show, or how much was caused by the more rabid fangirls. I started out very much shipping the Doctor and Rose, but the "Rose is the only person he ever loved" thing really bothers me, too.) In a way I kind of feel like Nine needed Rose more?

Someone mentioned alternate realities. (No I won't search through these comments again.) Has anyone watched the Scream of the Shalka webcast? It's maybe not the Best Thing Ever, but I kind of wish that Nine had been given a chance. I thought there was some interesting potential there... Not that I would ever trade him for Eccleston.

(Now if only you would do these pages for the rest of my under-appreciated [by my friends] British fandoms, I would be set.)

Liz said...

Michele, Mickey grew on me by the time he left to live in that alternate reality but wow, these first few episodes of Season 1 are really brutal to him. He's a miserable caricature of a person -- which I guess was necessary to show why Rose would leave him so easily...and, you know, not care that he was dead.

As for Jackie, I've loved her from pretty much day one. She cracks me up. That whole thing when Nine first meets her and she says, "We're alone in my bedroom and anything could happen," and he just cheerfully says, "No, not really."

I have to say, I don't mind the fact that Rose was selfish. Maybe it'll start grating on me after a while, but I think it was a nice balance to the Doctor's altruism.

Agent57, I agree about Eccleston doing the angst quite well. I wonder, though, if he shines at it simply because he's given more opportunity. 'Cause there are some scenes -- just after the gap between the universes closes in "Doomsday" for example when he's just standing with his hand against the wall -- that I think he does beautifully.

Truly, I guess the question of Eccleston versus Tennant is pretty much equivalent to which puppy do I love more? The awesome one or the awesome one with the spiky hair? They're both great.

And Agent57, tell me what other neglected British fandoms you're into. I'm sure we can find at least a few people who'd want to chat about 'em. Hmm, I wonder how much a message board would cost me?

agent57 said...

He does do the silent angry pretty well, it's just the nostril-flaring shouting bits that... I don't know. I never really got used to. Maybe it's just the direction? They could focus more on the more scary sort of angry-past-the-point-of-showing-it? But then Eccleston did the quiet angry and the shouty angry both well.

But yeah, puppies. You mention the hair, which really gets to me, so that's not really a fair metaphor. Of course I would love the one with the spikey hair more. :)

I've been having trouble thinking about anything but Life on Mars and its spin-off, Ashes to Ashes, lately. The US LoM remake which I can't bear to even give a chance to reminded me how good the original was, and that I hadn't watched all of it yet. I did, and guys... guys. It's so good. Also, I don't think Wire in the Blood gets nearly enough love, but I'm always afraid to actually recommend it to anyone, because of all of the really uncomfortable moments in it.

Also, they're all not currently showing in the US, (I don't think?) though they can be had... *cougharrrr*

Michele said...

Liz said: Michele, Mickey grew on me by the time he left to live in that alternate reality but wow, these first few episodes of Season 1 are really brutal to him. He's a miserable caricature of a person -- which I guess was necessary to show why Rose would leave him so easily...and, you know, not care that he was dead.

Yes, but it's a pretty poor writer who makes a complete joke out of a character for sake of making another one more interesting. Well that's my view. What amazes me is that Mickey and Jackie (who weren't the companion) both got actual character growth, whereas Rose *regressed*!

As for Jackie, I've loved her from pretty much day one. She cracks me up. That whole thing when Nine first meets her and she says, "We're alone in my bedroom and anything could happen," and he just cheerfully says, "No, not really."

Yes, that was funny. I found Jackie a bit loud and annoying in S1, but I adore her calling Ten "a plum" in the beach scene in "Journey's End".

crone51 said...

I think I completely fell in love with Tennant during a moment during that silly Werewolf ep. The Doctor and Rose had just run from their lives and narrowly escaped death at the claws of the bad beastie. They are panting, terrified,and knowing that the aforementioned bad beastie could still kill them- and then Rose turns to the Doctor and says delightedly, "Werewolf!" and he replies,with even greater delight, "I know!" as if it was the coolest thing that had ever happened. There was just something about that moment that was so joyful and fun. I was hooked. Delicious stuff.

Kathe said...

I really liked S4 (and for those of you who haven't seen it no spoilers, I promise). I was a bit mystified at the way it ended and it seemed like "oh come on, really?" but I guess it was a gimmie to Rose after the end of S2. Again, never cared for her character, then again, I didn't really like Martha towards the end of S3, I know many have never liked Donna, but she really blossomed in S4 and I think was probably the perfect yin to 10's yang and there was none of that "love story" crap - they were partners with funny sexual tension and that was way more enjoyable to me.

Liz said...

Crone51, I love that moment, too. I love his giddy cheerfulness. Like when he's so excited about the edible ball bearings on the cupcakes in "Fear Her," an episode that I know has been called the worst Doctor Who ever but which I can't quite bring myself to hate.

I can't decide when I first got the Tennant love -- it was either his first Christmas episode when he's fighting the bad guys in his jammies or "The Satan Pit" when he does that whole "Tell, she knows" scene or "School Reunion" and all his scenes with Sarah Jane. He's just so versatile and good in everything.

Kathe, I like season 4, too. (Yes, I'm watching four and one concurrently. I'm confused but happy!) I adore Donna. Tate and Tennant are terrific together. I still like Rose though. I really didn't like her at first, but she's grown on me and yes, I find myself pulling for the Doctor and Rose. I'm a sap. :)

crone51 said...

I have loved all four seasons but I am partial to the writing in Season 3. "Blink" is brilliant. "Human Nature'/Family of Blood" may be my favorite eps of the entire new Who series and if one doesn't fall in love with Tennant during these then- well then it ain't gonna happen. And I love the three part season finale ( especially the middle part). And I love Martha. She is terrific. And I loved "42" although I seem to be in the minority. And I really really really loved John Sim. And it is too bad that he can't be the eleventh Doctor because he would seriously rock. There had got to be a way around that pesky little problem, eh?

Liz said...

Crone51, I really liked 42 as well. And as you said, I know some folks disagree on that one, but I thought Tennant did a brilliant job showing the Doctor both incredibly terrified and in terrible pain and also struggling mightily not to hurt anyone. I thought it was an amazing performance.

I still haven't seen Blink yet but am really looking forward to it. I've taken a break with Season 3 to go back to Season one, which I'm almost through with. Really looking forward to Blink though.

I like Human Nature/Family of Blood quite a bit. I've always been interested in World War I so that's a gimme right there. I did find myself not liking John Smith too terribly much though but then I realized how cold-hearted I was being and what a terrible situation that would be -- to have to give up who you are. It's a great story.

Liz said...

I've got a question about season 1. Did it strike anyone else that the writers were trying really hard to force the Doctor/Rose relationship early on. I just saw the "Dalek" episode where the Dalek actually calls Rose "the woman you love" when he's taunting the Doctor. And then in Father's Day, we've got Peter telling Rose how much the Doctor cares for her...but I feel like I missed the progression. When did it go from her tagging along to the Doctor being in love with her? Which seems totally the opposite from season two where it's Rose who has feelings for the Doctor. It doesn't bother me. It just seems curious. Any thoughts?

Michele said...

Liz: RTD possesses a very strong shoehorn, with which he forces characters into plots, or plots into characters' arcs, with little regard for their fit. In Season 1 it was the Shoehorn of Rose is Awesome and the Doctor's One True Love, in Season 3 it was the Shoehorn of Martha's Unrequited Love Because She is not Rose.

As for "42", I love it to bits - I love how the Doctor TELLS Martha he's scared - that's the most honest he's been with her all season...

Anonymous said...

Did it strike anyone else that the writers were trying really hard to force the Doctor/Rose relationship early on.

They certainly didn't waste their time, that's for sure! I think they had the idea of a strong love-sort-of-interest, and wrote it in deliberately more than let it evolve through the characters' actions.

I rather like the moments where there is a lack of complete investment in one another. I think it provides a different kind of intrigue: it's not a given that they will always be backing one another up, and it's not clear how they feel about one another. Examples:

1) When the Doctor realizes he's freaked Rose's shit out taking her to the end of the universe, and that maybe that wasn't a good first date idea. Rose wants to go home. Enter the Doctor with a) the perfect gift, in the form of a cell phone boost, and b) an adorable hand holding scene. Not a freebie squee; he had to work to earn that. Even then, she seems not entirely convinced this whole traveling in the TARDIS thing is a good idea.

2) When the Doctor yet again realizes he's freaked Rose's shit out by being 'somewhat' inconsiderate of the potential harm to Gweneth... but doesn't really excuse himself at all. That's just who he is. Take it or leave it, baby. Rose seems ready to wipe her hands of the crazy man. It's unsettling. And awesome.

3) When Rose realizes she's totally effed up and selfishly brought about the imminent destruction of the universe cause she has daddy issues, and the Doctor gets pissed. He is not taking apologies. He is rude, insulting, and hurtful. And even when he apologizes himself, he does so badly. He saves the day, but certainly not for her. At the end of the episode, Rose is clearly, as Stephen Colbert says, on notice.

Granted, that kind of mutual doubt can't go on forever. But once the show starts suggesting that Rose is the one and only, etc etc, that fun sense of uncertainty is gone. Of course they will always forgive one another and understand one another. That can be fun too, but I miss some of that uncertainty later on. Though it does pop up on occasion, especially when Moffat is at the helm (yeaa SM!) - Girl in the Fireplace, way to mess with our Doctor-Rose paradigm!

Am I the only one that liked those moments where the relationship was less obvious, less... predetermined?

Michele said...

TinyFrenchStudio wrote: Am I the only one that liked those moments where the relationship was less obvious, less... predetermined?

No! I much prefer the Nine/Rose relationship... With Ten/Rose, I always got the impression that RTD desperately wants to shag Ten himself, and so he goes over the top in portraying the relationship.

crone51 said...

Yes, I do like those moments when the Rose and Doctor "ship" is not being emphasized. "Girl in The Fireplace" seemed to come out of nowhere (in the context of a developing Rose love story), though, and made me wonder what the frak was going on and made me think the Doc was being a bit of a schmuck. Frankly, I do think the Madame was a much better romantic partner for him(and of course, one cannot find fault in an episode in which the banana daiquiri is invented)- as a matter of fact I think almost anyone is a better romantic partner for him. I find the Rose/ Doctor romance a bit creepy. Perhaps because I have a nineteen year old daughter. He'd best stay away from her. He can take me.

Ah Liz, I see you haven't seen the end of season three yet.. There is a swell character ( whose name I must not speak) played by an actor named John Simm which is who I was referring to a couple of posts up there...

Sorry if I am more incoherent than usual. I have obviously overdosed on Thanksgiving food and am not capable of making sense. Of course, making sense is vastly overrated.

Liz said...

TinyFrenchStudio, I do love those moments. They give a bit more depth to the whole relationship. I especially liked the bits in Father's Day because he finally got mad at her for something. (Plus, it's just a great episode.)

I gotta say, though, even though I have complaints about how the Rose/Doctor relationship was sort of forced out of nowhere at the beginning, I still think it works and I enjoy it enormously. Although Crone51, I also thought it was weird with Rose being just 19, especially when Nine kept saying things like, "She's just a kid" or something to that effect. The (vaaaaaast) age difference ceased bothering me with Ten because she seemed far more adult and I guess he seemed far younger. (It's kind of you to take the bullet for your daughter though, LOL!)

Anonymous said...

Liz, you will let us know when you've finished with season three, right? So we know when we're allowed to yammer on about.... Ahem. More hot people and fun characters in Who?

Btw, lest people think we're shallow: there have always been gorgeous ladies on Who. Well, the show, I mean. Though actually, now I think about it... Well, anyway, the point: it's about time those (/also) attracted to the male-y types get some fun too. And, while there is still plenty of dodgy acting, I think there has been some very nice talent on the show lately!

Liz said...

Fingers crossed, Netflix should be delivering my last two DVDs of season 3 on Saturday so hopefully I'll zip through 'em by Sunday night. Can't wait!!

crone51 said...

I just now saw, for the very first time, The Unicorn and The Wasp ( tivoed from SciFi's 5:00 AM feed) . What adorable silly nonsense. Favorite line of dialogue: " How is Harvey Wallbanger one word?!?"
I love Donna. She is winning the contest for my favorite "New Who" companion.

Anonymous said...

Cone51, I think Donna is pretty awesome too. She annoyed the hell out of me at the beginning - I wondered if maybe Catherine Tate's obnoxious characters were just a bit of British humor (sorry, humour) that I didn't get. But, thankfully, her character became, if not less obnoxious, something MORE than MERELY obnoxious, and that is so much fun. Obnoxious can be great if it's not the only gag in the bag.

So?... Liz?... you coming along on that DVD? :) Inquiring minds want your opinion!

Michele said...

TinyFrenchStudio: Rusty admits he deliberately made Donna a one-note character for "The Runaway Bride" because they had no expectation Catherine Tate would ever want to come back to play Donna again (they were amazed enough she agreed to do the Xmas episode in the first place, and no one thought to ask if she wanted to do more. Doh!)

I didn't find her at all obnoxious once she became the full-time companion. She was exactly what Ten needed and I really, REALLY wish Team Cardiff had bothered to ask her if she wanted to do more than just the Xmas show earlier. Then we could have had Donna in Season 3 and go over the stupid insistence on shippiness, and then Martha could have come in for S4 and had a nice clean slate from which to work, and we wouldn't have needed the damn silly Shoe Horn of Unrequited Love (and since David and Freema had tons of chemistry, we could've had lots more UST than the little bit we got).


Liz said...

TinyFrenchStudio, I was hugely disappointed to find that I'd ordered the wrong DVD. Sigh. So I got one DVD with episodes I'd already seen, not that I entirely mind watching "42" again and seeing David in his lovely space suit. Now I've got to wait for the last disc. I did finally get to see "Blink" though and it completely lived up to my expectations. I loved his Timey-Wimey machine that boils eggs at 30 paces "whether you want it to or not. I try to keep it away from hens." Brilliant.

agent57 said...

Blink is such a great episode! It was good to have a Doctor-light episode that still felt really solid and not at all forced. I loved everyone, especially Sally! I had to upload a clip, even, because I liked it so.

My only sadness is that the Doctor Easter Egg hasn't actually shown up on random DVDs throughout history. If I had a DVD production company, I would be sneaking it into everything.

crone51 said...

What a drag about the DVDs, Liz!!

On my facebook profile, under the spot for religion I have- " It's all a ball of wibbley wobbley timey wimey stuff". Sums everything up for me.

Kathe said...

I have to say, this "secret" page is keeping me going until we get new episodes and the Christmas special! Thanks all. :)

ps - I think Donna is my fave companion as well. She's kind of got it all and is just what Ten needed at the time.

Liz said...

Kathe, I'm glad the secret page is helping ease the waiting pain! Do you get to see the Christmas episode when it actually airs this year or do you have to wait with the rest of us sad Americans?

Crone51, love "wibbly wobbly timey wimey."

Talking about the companions, I've gotta say, I think I like all of them. I've seen bits and pieces of all the seasons now, and I pretty much adore all of them. They all bring something different to the equation and they all play well off Tennant. The casting is really amazing on this show. You'd think there'd be a false note here and there with the chemistry between the actors but for the most part, everyone meshes so well with everyone else.

Ooh, and I've discovered the extras on the DVDs. I love Tennant's video diaries. "The pig and the showgirl. You could fight crime in New York!" So cute.

Kathe said...

Oh I would normally have to wait with the rest of you (live in Indiana), but I may have a line on it come Christmas. If I do...I'll pass it on! :)

crone51 said...

I see that BBCA is showing the other Xmas specials on December 25 ( appropriately enough) but *NOT* the new one. Grumble. Grumble.

Liz said...

I know I'm going to be sitting there at Christmas at some point, just gazing wistfully at BBC America, hoping that magically the new episode will appear.

Kathe, if you do get an inside bead on the show and get to see it ahead of time, let us know what you think!

Liz said...

Oops, and I almost forgot to add. I can see why everyone likes The Master so much. Quite a terrific villain, although I didn't really like the story as a whole. But John Simm was terrific. He's the same fellow from Life on Mars, right?

Michele said...

Yes John Simm is the same guy playing Saxon and appearing in British LoM.

Personally I don't think the Master's all that good as a villain. In fact, I tend to refer to him as Mr Panto in my head - I keep expecting him to twirl his moustache!!

(And just in case, since I had to explain this to another American recently, here's a link to an explanation of pantomime (aka panto).)

crone51 said...

since I am as Who obsessed lately as our hostess I am going to ask you all......How do you like the episode Silence in the Library/Forest of the Dead?
I have heard mixed reviews from Who fans but I find that the more I see it the more I completely love it. It is just so...very...odd. I like the look of it and the music and the fact that it has got to be absolutely terrifying an entire generation of children. I like Moffat's stories so much. He has such a bizarre sensibility and always seems to make the oddest things seem so human and touching. And funny. I have to admit that I have only seen rather poor streaming video of this ep and now part 1 on skiffy where I just *know* they are cutting much out and I don't remember part 2( Friday! on Skiffy!) that well so perhaps I will feel differently when I see it... but so far, these eps would be in my top ten. If I had a top ten. I should have a top ten! What are everyone else's new Who top tens? Thanks, Liz, for giving this old geek a place to obsess with other smart grown up Who fans.

Liz said...

You must be reading my mind -- I'm actually working on my Top Ten episodes post. Hopefully I'll have it done for tomorrow. Spoiler alert, though, I don't have Silence in the Library/Forest of the Dead on my list. It was kind of a bubble episode for me. I think it's good and I love Moffat's episodes but it doesn't draw me in for some reason.

I'd love to see your top ten list!

agent57 said...

I wish there had been some opportunity for LoM/DW in-jokes... Sam Tyler even looks like a Tyler. (well, he looks a lot like Pete, with the squinty eyes) I like to pretend they're all part of the same big, unlucky-in-time family. Alas, by the time Simm was on the show, Rose wasn't, (for the moment) and I don't really know how the joke would have worked anyway.

Crone: I loved Silence in the Library/Forest of the Dead... but I would probably have to rewatch it to tell you why. I just remembered Donna's husband in that one... aww, man. Another reason why we need Donna back!

Elimare said...

Liz, I saw this via whedonesque, someone on youtube has begun putting Dr. Who together with Dr. Horrible.